Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

So today is the big day, Hello Kitty's 35th Birthday.
I had grand plans to celebrate by making a giant cupcake, apple flavoured (for a few reasons I will reveal later) and decorated with hello kitty faces.
Alas, I am terrible at decorating cakes- well those in the form of a giant cupcake at least, and it turned into a hot mess.
The only thing that turned out well was the actual cake, which I made from my own (modified) recipe and the shape turned out perfectly. I really should have stopped there.
Hello Kitty weighs as much as three apples, is as tall as five apples and her favourite food is her Grandma's apple pie, hence why I chose an apple flavoured cake.
All I can say is I am very pleased that the cake was for my own personal use and not for anything important.
To ammend this situation, I have made some HK shaped chocolates which I will use as comfort food!

On the topic of Hello Kitty cake, I recently had the pleasure of going to
Sanrio Puroland in Tama Centre, Tokyo. This is Mecca for HK fans; an indoor theme park dedicated to Sanrio characters, but the star of the place is Hello Kitty.
You can take a boat ride featuring all the characters, eat HK shaped food and buy any Sanrio merchandise you can possibly dream up in one of the many stores.
At lunch, I purchased a (family sized...oops!) Hello Kitty shaped cheesecake. If only my birthday cake had turned out something like this-

I guess I have alot of practicing to do before I have to make cakes for my future children's birthday parties!

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