Friday, November 27, 2009

The best of bows

All my life, I've been a real girly girl (duh- have you read my blog?) and naturally, I'm OBSESSED with bows.
I'm not sure what it is about them but no matter which genre of fashion or where they adorn the body- they always add such a cute and feminine touch.

I can't count how many headbands, shoes (oh, the shoes), dresses etc etc etc I own that have bows on them and I will not leave the house without having at least one bow somewhere on my body.
I thought I would compile a little list of some of my bow-picks from stores around the interwebz. From nicely priced and home made to European fashion houses with a few more zeros this list will have something for every little girl's (at heart) budget.


For those on a budget, it's actually a really good time to be a bow-lover. Stores like Diva, Sportsgirl and Forever new always have heaps of pretty, bow-embellished pieces to satisfy your fatal attraction to cuteness.
Then there's Etsy. For those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, it's kind of a hybrid of the markets and Ebay. Full of homemade craft goodies and alot of them are centred around bows, hearts, cupcakes and other pink, fluffy things that tend to catch my (and no doubt, your) eye. There's this shop (icecreamcandy) on etsy selling delightful little treasures. Namely the cupcake ring posted below. The only thing sweeter than a bow is a bow on top of a cupcake. squee!!

Cupcake ring US$7.95

Also from etsy, (mousseauchocolat) these gorgeous little bow scarves:

blueberry vanilla petit bow scarf US$18.00


This is the section I feel you will make the best choice on a cost per wear basis. For some of you, $128 for a pair of shoes might be way too much- for others, you might not dare wear chain store heels. But either way, the 3 pieces in this section are items you will keep and wear season after season and even if it is a bit of a financial stretch for you- you will soon forget once you realise how much use you get out of them.
I love these Mollini heels because of the use of two different fabrics, and velvet happens to be one of my favourite. The slight platform makes for a comfy base while the heel is thick enough for support and all those Christmas parties coming up where you know you will be standing for hours.

Mollini 'Opening' black satin and velvet heels (sizes 36-41) AU$128

For those of you wondering where I got the fabulous bow I'm wearing in the picture with Jennifer Hawkins, I got it in Harajuku, Tokyo. BUT I have found a similar one at
American Apparel for your enjoyment:

American Apparel vintage velvet bow AUD$42.00

If you're not really into headware you cannot look past the Ava Gardner earrings from Lydia Jewels.
These are the prettiest earrings I have come across in a while. They're so dainty but you could also wear them in a sexy diva/rock chic way a la Rihanna with slicked back hair and a quiff.

Lydia Jewels Ava Gardner earrings $126


siiiiiigh this is the section where, for most of us, we have to either save up, be naughty and charge our credit cards or merely dream of beautiful things such as those posted below.
To ease in, this Marc Jacobs bow watch/necklace from
net-a-porter is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, particularly if you have trouble remembering to wear a watch (like I so often do) or you don't want anything too cutesy.

Marc Jacobs Bow watch approx. AUD$197.00

If you want my undying love and attention- I suggest you take notice of the next item. This jacket is TO DIE FOR. Moschino cut their coats so beautifully, with just the right amount of puff sleeve and they remain so flattering no matter how many layers you stack underneath.

This one takes the cake with the perfect bows on the shoulder. The beauty of this is that despite the obvious bows- it isn't that girly and you could easily toughen it up with some frye motorbike boots and an Alexander Wang bag. Obviously I know we are coming into summer in Australia, but if you had this piece of art- you'd never need to look for a jacket or coat again.

Moschino Bow shoulder jacket approx. AUD$2,771.00

And for the ultimate in bow luxury- you can't look past Australia's sexiest label, Wheels and dollbaby for this show-stopping and highly coveted swarovski embellished dress.

Wheels and Dollbaby Swarovski encrusted scallop dress (sizes 1-4) $1000
So that completes my list of top bows of the mo, however I will encourage you to nip over to one of my favourite blogs- Sassisam and check out this phenomenal dress that has been worn by Kim Catrall. Trust me- you will be amazed (and more than slightly envious!)

So tell me, what are your favourite bow clothing and accessories?


  1. 1. i need that moschino jacket
    2. i need that mj bow watch
    3. how is the AA headband bow thing "vintage?"
    4. ive said it before, and ill say it again, u look way prettier than jen hawkins in that photo!

  2. love all these ribbons (or whatever u call those, im swedisho_O)

    u should see this necklace:



  3. had another oogle at all the prettiness of your posts.
    I really really want the moschino jacket and the mollini heels are a super cute bargain!
    I also agree that you have achieved the unachievalbe, you defo show up Hawko you little beauty you xx


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