Friday, November 20, 2009

GQ Men of the year awards 2009

Last night was the GQ men of the year awards, which was ultimately taken out by the talented, funny and rugged Sam Worthington. Or something. Who really cares when there's women's fashion to judge, right?
The award for 'girl with a killer bod who decides to celebrate it by being as painfully boring as possible' is split 3 ways between Louise Van de Vorst, Teresa Palmer and Gracie Otto.

Gracie in particular pisses me off. I've seen her out numerous times in the cross/city/etc and I KNOW for a fact she has stunning pieces of clothing and she usually puts them together really well. Ain't nothing cute about this dress, and matching it with a turquoise ring and black pumps is just a bizarre choice.

I do however love that each of these girls has embraced their pale skin. I'm tanorexic myself, but if I was skinny and had even, alabaster skin like these girls I wouldn't spend a second in the sun. Lovely.

OOPS! Tasma Walton accidentally dressed for her year 10 formal. Circa 1994. How awkward for her.

I've never been a fan of Stephanie Rice's 'fashion' choices and once again, I'm disappointed in her. Maybe with the money she will save on not having a manager* she can hire a stylist? Someone who sits her down and tells her she is an athlete and therefore has an athlete's body. Stephanie, babe, you're NOT curvy. There are alot of outfits you cannot pull off. This is one of them.

ps- What's with the fake tan on arms and legs and not anywhere else? Rookie mistake. Try harder next time, please.

Although Daniel Merriweather isn't a girl, he gets a special mention because his suit is just. so. damn. hideous.

I luuuurve velvet jackets on a man. But not this crushed velvet crap that Hugh Hefner might have a robe made out of. Props for the patent leather shoes, though.

This outfit worn by Sam Worthington's missus, Natalie Mark got it oh so right simply by daring to be different. I love love love the colour of the dress on her skin tone and just the right amount of embellishment on the shoulder dresses it up without being OTT.

Her makeup is natural and pretty and she looks fab on the arm of Mr Worthington.

Camille Keenan and Dustin Clare from one of my faaaaaavourite shows- Satisfaction (Season 3 starts December 1 on Showcase!!!) look understated and stylish. I adore Camille's dress for it's simplicity and glamour. Nice match on the nude satin shoes, too. Thumbs UP.

It was a close tie for Best Dressed in my eyes between Camille and who I eventually decided was the winner...

Sarah Wilson takes it out in the end because she just looks so beautiful. the Grecian inspired column dress is extremely flattering on her, (looking very Angelina Jolie, donchathink?) and while I probably would have worn bronze shoes and bag- I'm willing to overlook it because she is so ravishing.

People who look healthy are the most attractive kind of people in my opinion and I think it's something most Australians can pride themselves upon. Sarah is always glowing and never overdoes it with the makeup, leaving her looking natural and elegant.

What are your views on last night's fashion? Who is your best and worst dressed?

*What's up with international Quarterback? Only weeks ago Lara Bingle and Michael Clark cut ties with them, and now Stephanie Rice? hmmm

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