Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ok, so I know Halloween was a couple of days ago now but it seems to only just be winding down in America where, despite it not being the country of origin, it seems to be most popular.
I always love seeing what celebs dress up as. The people who have the easiest access to makeup artists, hair stylists and an abundance of costumes and dress ups.

A few that caught my eye:

Gwen Stefani (the good)

As we know, Gwen always looks stunning and so well put together no matter where she goes. Halloween is no exception. She always puts in such an effort, as well as making sure her kids look cute and appropriate. Little Kingston seems to have a reptile fetish of late, pictured recently wearing a hooded lizard/dragon costume and now on Halloween as a dinosaur.

Mariah Carey (the bad)

I LOVE MARIAH. Everything she does and she's had some pretty cool Halloween costumes before, but an angel? A few weeks after the release of your (awesome) album 'Memoirs of an imperfect angel', seriously? It's a little tacky if you ask me.

Katy Perry (the ugly)

Katy Perry is one of those fun women who always looks really camp and makes the most of every opportunity in the spotlight. Everything- right down to her nails is always super festive and she dares to take frivolous fashion risks. Normally one would need to protect their eyes from the sparkles she covers herself in, but this time- we needed to protect our eyes from how ugly and dull her costume was.

Halloween proved to be a really low point for her. Stepping out with a mate dressed as a camel proves it really was a day off from the usual Katy Perry we love. Truly disappointing as her and Lady gaga seemed like two people who would go all out and have fabulous costumes for All Hallows' Eve.

Picture from her twitter

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  1. I can't believe Katy Perry went as a camel, total cop out, she always has amazing costumes fullstop, why go as a camel? Disappointing!


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