Monday, November 23, 2009

Lash Boutique- 20% off lashes!

From now until Tuesday 15th December 2009 you can get 20% the glorious lashes from just enter the code MISSY at the checkout.

These stunning must have make-up accessories are already well priced; so now is the perfect time to stock up before the party season.
Ranging from a natural look to dramatic and glamorous feather and diamante adorned, there is no better way to get everyone's eyes on... well, your eyes.

If you don't like the spotlight then don't take advantage of this offer because you are sure to stand out and shine when your beautiful eyes are made bigger and lashes plumped fuller with the help of lash boutique lashes.

If you have blue or grey eyes you HAVE to buy these. They will amplify the colour of your eyes x 1,000,000. That's a lot.

Creative blue lash $15.00

But if you just want a little perking up- opt for the Elegant full mink ($20.00) or Natural amplified ($12.00) pictured below for an addition to a sexy, smokey eye.

Whatever your style; whether you're a demure, single lash kinda girl or a drama queen who loves sparkles and effect- head over to the lash boutique now to order your essential lashes.

Spend over $50 (should be easy!) and you receive free shipping within Australia. Awesome. If you only feel like you need one pair, grab some for your girlfriends- wear them all on a night out together and watch how much attention you get. I DARE YOU.

ALSO- when you buy two sets of lashes you receive a FREE pair of travel tweezers housed in a tiny leather pouch. Perfect for the handbag.

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