Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup

No, I'm not going to make any hilaaaarious puns about how 'Shocking' took out the cup today. Instead, I am going to review the best and worst of the fashion from Flemington with the help of visual aids which I unashamedly pinched from the Daily Telegraph's gallery from the day. (soz, guys!)

Let's begin with Leona Edmiston because if I don't, I may forget to include her due to how damn boring the outfit is. Leona who, despite having access to an array of different fabrics, embellishments, pattern makers, seamstresses etc etc etc decided to grab an old, black jersey dress and staple some multi coloured tulle to it 3 minutes before she left the house.

I must confess that I have never been a huge fan of her designs, but this is just. plain. bad.

Sophie Monk joins the bad books in my eyes with this loud and garish blue leopard print- yes, BLUE LEOPARD PRINT number. Surely someone must have told her that Benji Madden, the man who began dating Paris Hilton mere seconds after they broke up, was going to be at the same party, right? I'm thinking her thought process went something along the lines of "I'll show him what he's missing out on". hhhhm.
I'm a huge fan of Miss Monk. But I think the leather jumpsuit with feathered bustle worn on the cover of Bardot's first album is more Melbourne Cup worthy than this monstrosity.

Ignoring ONJ and going straight to her husband- whom she kept insisting was NOT HER ACCESSORY but her HUSBAND to every journalist/pap/drunk girl in the line for the toilet today, I cannot decide whether or not I'm diggin' this get up.

Although he looks fairly dapper, he also has a touch of the Banker from Monopoly. I'll let you decide on this one.

Oh dear. Lee Furlong. She never quite gets it right. In my experience (ie- events I've been at that she has also attended) she is always completely over dressed or under dressed. It's getting to the point where I feel like she must be doing it on purpose.

2 positives- (1) Shape of the hat is lovely on her and (2) The colour of the dress looks beautiful against her skin.
That said, what the hell is going on with the cut of the dress? I believe it's meant to be fitted across the shoulder and with her slight frame the gaping does no favours for her; or the dress.
I don't even know where to begin against the use of black accessories agains the coral. And, is that a Guess? bag? oh. dear.

OK. Here's the fun part (believe it or not I do NOT enjoy being a bitch, I would much prefer to hand out compliments!)

Jen Hawkins. Can she do any wrong? I say no. Nothing about this outfit is overdone, yet is still styled well. She looks healthy- but not like she starved herself and got 8 spray tans before the big day, and she looks beautiful without looking like she had to be the best dressed or she wouldn't turn up. hmpf.

Thumbs up, as per usual, for you Jenny Jen Jen.

Alright, so onto my fave, fave faves. Could these boys have done any better? Doubtful. Lindy Klim and Candice Alley both look stunning. How is it possible Candice only just had twins?
There is nothing about any of these get ups (including the boys') that they will regret down the track. Unless you people are regretting looking too good these days?

Healthy, shining examples of how Aussie's should look at the races. I applaud you. All of you.

To be honest, I don't even know who this woman is? Esther Anderson, apparently. But anyway...
I really like what she is wearing.
Colour- cute
Cut- cute
Hair/makeup-no, not cute you one dimensional fools! But it is natural and fresh and sets off the colour and unfinished, raw and organic kind of feel of the dress and hat.
Love love love on all counts. Well done.

Finally, we have Sarah Kelly who took out the coveted 'fashions on the field' prize. Totes deserving if you ask me.

She is wearing cue, but was going for a Dior look which I think she pulled off 100% (She's also got a bit of that Victoria Beckham super well groomed thing going on which I LOVE). Very fitting for the 20 degree, windy weather as well.


How did I spend my day? (I know you're all wondering!) Well, I went to one of my favourite Sydney restaurants- Etch. Owned by the lovely and talented Justin North (of Becasse fame).

Etch NEVER lets me down. I've never, ever had a bad experience there and it's that perfect mix of beautiful food mixed with an unpretentious, homely feeling lay out. You know how Julie won masterchef because she cooked the kind of stuff you'd like to eat at home? Yeah, it's like that.

There's only so much I can say about how delectable spring vegetable salad with crispy hen's egg, roast lamb rump with crushed potatoes and olive jus and caramel and date tart with burnt butter ice cream are, so I suggest you just mosey on over to Etch in your own time and test out the Spring menu for yourself.

check it out y'all http://www.etchdining.com.au/

I hope everyone had a great Melbourne Cup!


  1. Esther Anderson is off Home & Away.

  2. aaahh makes sense, I've never watched it! Thanks :-D

  3. Laura Dundovic looked amazing IMO, best dressed out of all the pics I've seen!


  4. Thanks, Ash!
    Yeah, a few people have mentioned Laura Dundovic. I think she is a stunning girl and she did look very glam but also appropriate but I just have this thing about Polka Dots which is possibly why she didn't cut it for me.
    If her dress had been floral, graduating colour or block colour she definitely would have been up there for me.

  5. Couldn't agree more with your comments. You missed Laura Dundovic though who looked amazing xx

  6. ha ha I wrote that whilst you guys were also commenting on Laura.

    I understand how you feel about polka dots, I feel the same way about stripes. However Polka dots are very traditional for racing, especially at Ascot x

  7. Couldn't agree more. Also believe Sarah Kelly was deserving of her winning.
    LOVE your Miss Marlo xx

  8. *oops meant to say that i love your blog

  9. i want to give sophie monk a cuddle. and maybe get a pin to pop her fugly lip plumper injections. wish there was a full length shot of candice alley, she looks gorgeous!

    v. cute blog btw missy!

  10. Oh no! That first photo.. Does she not have a full length mirror in her house? Haha

    Sophie Monk her body fluctuates so much she was looking like such a babe in a bikini on the front of a magazine a while back now she's back to looking like a stick figure with over plumped lips. *sigh*
    The outfit. Hrm. Not a fan it's not as bad as that first photo though hahaha still laughing at that fail.

    Some of the other outfits are better but I do not like Melbourne Cup fashion I think the head pieces and hats are ridic. My humble opinion. So I can't really hand out any compliments unfortunately….

  11. I was at Etch for the Melbourne cup lunch too,I loved the food, but was very unimpressed that the designer who showcased her designs at the lunch was given the job of picking the best dressed and best hat only to award employees from Grazia magazine hoping they would put her in the magazine (im sure). It's not sour grapes on my part I don't think if you tie a bit of clear shower curtain into a bow around your head warrants "best hat", fun hat yes, not best.


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