Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Product du jour- Moxie 'Scanty Panty' liners

Ok, Ok. So I know it's not the most glamorous topic, but we all get it and why shouldn't we still be feeling our most adorable when that dreaded time of the month comes to rule our lives?

You all must know by now I'm totally addicted to anything cute, and I've been a devout user of Moxie products since they hit the market in 2006, which is why I cannot believe it's taken me 2 years to discover the Scanty Panty liners! I am so glad I have though, as they really are sweet.

  • Firstly, like Moxie tampons, they come packaged in their own sleek, polka dot printed, handbag sized tins.

  • Secondly, the wrapping around the liners is printed in bows- one of my most favourite things ever.

  • Just when you think it couldn't get any cuter the liner itself is embossed with bows. It kind of looks like you're wearing a Chanel or Samantha Thavasa bag in your underwear except for the fact that would be the most uncomfortable thing imaginable and the Scanty Panty liner is the complete opposite of uncomfortable.

  • On top of all that, a box of these (2 tins with 12 liners each) will set you back less than $4.00 and you will be left with the tins to use later one.

My suggestions for recycling Moxie tins include

  • Holding bobby pins- I seem to lose 15,124 of those pesky things every year

  • dividing large tubs of lip balm/paw paw treatment so you always have some in every handbag

  • Holding earrings and/or thin necklaces when you are on holidays or getting an x-ray (Am I the only one who always kicks myself for not taking jewellery off before I leave for the appointment? duh!)

Comment me with some of your suggestions and make sure you go out and buy some of these liners or other Moxie products so you're prepared for next time!

Also go and check out their beautifully designed website or follow them on twitter


  1. 1. to keep spare pills/vitamins in. leave in handbag for when you rush out in the morning and forget to take them

    2. to store backs of earrings in, like the ones that fasten studs? those things go missing all the time!

    3. to store hair ties

    4. to store confetti. confetti is awesome.

  2. i use them to store tampons and pantyliners on days when i'm nearing my period


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