Monday, November 2, 2009

Product du jour- O.P.I start to finish

As I type, I am waiting for my base coat of O.P.I's 'start to finish' to dry (oh- look, it's done!). Once I've finished typing, I'll apply my polish and then, I will once again apply O.P.I's 'start to finish' as a top coat. All this on top of my newly tough nails thanks to O.P.I's 'start to finish' nail hardener.

No, I'm not being cheap. This product really is three things all-in-one.
Fairly fresh to the shelves (for those of you in Australia you will find this at David Jones for $23.50) this product saves money, time and space and as with all O.P.I products- works like a charm.
As a nail hardener and base coat it dries in seconds leaving you the time to get on with other, more important things such as being cute and as a top coat it protects your varnish and makes it super, super shiny unlike no other top coat I've tried before. (I even find this better than other O.P.I top coats I've used).

For those of you who have seen 'Legally Blonde' 864 times (I'm not the only one, right?) I find this laquer to be a very similar consistency to the top coat Elle is applying in the opening scene...I believe that is O.P.I also but for those of you who have never used to brand, it's like a thick- yet not sticky, substance that gives a great protection and finish.
I cannot recommend this product enough- so go out and get your little mits on it and get it on your little mits!

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