Sunday, November 8, 2009

Product du jour: Say 'Bonjour' to French Navy

French Navy is the beautiful new Australian stationary brand which has recently been launched.

It features themed designs:
  • Talk to the animals
  • Just because
  • Celebration time!
  • Baby love
  • Girl talk
  • Seasonal (just in time for the festive season!)

In the age of emails and facebook, it is rare to receive a hand written card at all anymore let alone one just to say 'thanks'.

Thankyou cards have always been regarded as a classy and kind gesture. they are also a great way to make an impression. The best way to get into the habit of sending them is to have them handy and accessible so you don't put it off (and let's face it- never end up using them!).

The silly season is the best time to get your practise in as everyone is undoubtedly going to be invited to a gazillion parties and receive gifts from all over the place, and although it is the universal time for giving it is also important to be thankful.

The best part about French Navy is it's vast array of colours and designs which are vibrant, yet still chic and classy. For those of you who don't want to be limited to prints, there are also plain or bordered styles available as well as lettered styles, which are very personal. The plainer styles are also great for year round versatility.

French Navy is currently only available online at but they will ship anywhere.

Below are a few of my favourite styles (I had to cull it down, I had almost the entire collection as favourite...oops!). You will notice as well the inside of the envelope is lined in colour- I love attention to detail like this and it shows exquisite elegance and quality.

Rock-a-bye, baby- While gorgeous of course for baby showers and baby gifts, I think the print is pretty for any girly occassion. (They would also be nice for any Melbourne Cup party invitations next year as something a little different)

Pirouette set

Kisses darling- perfect for any occassion. Would be cute for luncheons/afternoon tea type events.
Cheep Cheep

Adam's apple

These are only a tiny selection of the designs available, so head over to now to view the complete range and order in time for the next few insane celebration weeks we all have coming up!

What's your favoured design?


  1. every year i tell myself im going to post out good, old fashioned xmas cards and i never get around to it. mostly bc i don't know anyone's address!

  2. I tell myself I'll do the Christmas card thing too...never do.

    Woof Woof is my favourite. So cute!


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