Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TAFE design institute show- 2009

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the design institute parade which showcases the collections of fashion students from TAFE.
This is such an exciting event as major Australian designers such as Alex Perry, Michelle Jank, Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett (of stunning label Romance was born) and Akira Isogawa are all graduates from TAFE which gives you an idea of the potential these students have and the heights they can reach in the fashion world.
A few of the collections which stood out for me were Katherine Spetic (whom I suspect is the sister of talented Aussie designer Karla Spetic), Caroline Fuss and Noica Omero- whose men's wear was spectacular.

Let me begin with a photo of my favourite outfit in the crowd:

No, I'm totally kidding- he's wearing Ed Hardy. Are you serious?
It was also nice to see Anna Wintour flew in secretly to support the emerging fashion scene:

Ok. So she didn't really, but I'm glad this lady decided to extend Halloween by a few days to give the students a feel of who they might be showing in front of one day.

Here we have Ben Johnston who wowed us with detailed evening wear, beautifully crafted and well fitted, his range featured alot of metallics and was very glam.

Apologies for not having the names of every designer. Although the parade was long it was fast moving and I didn't get a chance to record all the names. This piece won a place in the Dylon sponsored section of the show, where students were given the brief to design a clash of the cultures type look by hand dying their fabrics. For example some students did zebra print (Africa) mixed with tartan (Scotland) to create their pieces.
This designer paid great attention to detail, with even the knees covered in faux-pony hair. Very cute!

More designs from the Dylon section which show you the impecable work gone into these creations.

The styling from this student was as gorgeous as their clothes. I know, lime green and zebra? Yes, they DO have the potential of being stripper shoes, but I think these wedges are awesome.
If you're looking for something similar but not quite so OTT- try the Hussy wedges pictured below. Comfy, light weight but still very edgy you will find these in Hussy stores as part of the Warrior Princess collection.

I loved this dress in particular. It reminded me of the glam/goth Gucci collection from a few years ago, teamed with loads of red based black beads and crucifixes. Love it.

These tights were fabulous! I think this designer was Angela Fredericks and all her hosiery was embellished with sequins and other sparkly adornments. I'm like a bower bird, how could I resist?

A sport-luxe look from Georgia Boniface.

Another sport-luxe look from Karina Tah with detail carried right through to the footwear.

I always love seeing men's wear. I am, however, a little bit bored of the leggings under long shorts with a hoody look that we've seen from the likes of Jeremy Scott and every other men's sport/street label. *yawn*

That is why I was completely blown away by this superb design from Noica Omera. Sadly, it is unlikely any Australian man would ever wear anything like this- but this rose print silk jacket and culottes combo was one of my fave looks of the night; out of men and women.
I would buy this outfit for myself, but modify it to have some puffy little bloomers. Adorable!

Some more men's wear by Renise Alloggia.

Without a doubt, most marketable and saleable collections belong to Sylvia Lee and Caroline Fuss.
As you can see, Slyvia Lee has that long-standing Sass & Bide, Willow kind of flair that us Aussie girls love and continue to flock back to season after season.

Every piece was structured yet still flowy and femme, sexy but timeless. I think we will be seeing these on the racks of Myer and David Jones in no time.
Caroline Fuss on the other hand was a little bit more earthy. A little bit Trelise Cooper/Easton Pearson/Shakuhachi/Akira/Alice McCall and Fleur Wood all rolled into one.
The best bit about her collection was it's versatility. For example a woman in her 40s could easily wear the orange silk jacket with some wide leg pants and a shirt as a 20 year old could wear it over shorts and a tank. I predict we will be seeing her pieces all over Bondi socialites in the not too distant future.

My pick of the night, though, goes to Katherine Spectic with this hand painted/dyed coat.
The amount of work that has gone into this, especially when you see it up close, is incredible.
The work that has gone into painting the relgious icons onto the bottom of the coat, along with the button detailing down the front- not to mention the fit and volume. It is perfection in my eyes.
I also like how it has touched on the russian theme present on recent Chanel catwalks, but hasn't completely gone down the baboushka doll route.

Overall, I thought the night was a huge success and I feel privileged for being able to see these works of art in person.
Love them or hate them, you have to appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating these fantastic pieces.
To see more of the work- keep an eye out for the Mornings with Kerri-Anne this week, as there is usually a parade from some of the students.
Tell me, who is your fave?

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