Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wheels and Dollbaby- Seduction de Jour

So, this collection has been out for a few months now, but not all the pieces were available yet.
Finally, the long awaited knickers have arrived.
If Lady Gaga has taught us anything- it's that it's ok to leave the house half dressed.
Being a proud owner of black sequinned hot pants (don't worry- I only wear these with opaques) I am pleased to see the inclusion of Leopard print satin and midnight blue sequinned knickers in this collection..
Le lido sequin knicker (Midnight blue sizes 1-3) $180.00
Feline fatal high waisted zip detail knicker (leopard sizes 1-4) $165.00
What do you wear these with? Apart from the lovely cardigans pictured above? It's all up to how outrageous you are.
In Summer you can keep it simple by adding a black tshirt, tank or body suit BUT if it were me- I would wear the matching Leopard print Feline fatale riding jacket with a ruffled blouse underneath and leather fingerless gloves.

Feline fatale riding jacket (sizes 1-4) $485.00
YES a leopard print suit. What of it? I also have a tartan one and a blue and grey striped L.A.M.B one with puffy bloomers.
Like I said, it all depends on your level of flamboyancy.
Not quite cut out for prints and sparkles? My other must have from this collection is the signature scarf which is made from hand printed silk. I love how it looks like French lingerie. Tie it on a black work bag or wear it bandit style for a pretty/tough look.

Signature silk scarf (pink one size) $79.00
If you like your clothes tight, but your money situation is in a similar state- you cannot go past Wheels & Dollbaby's sale section. My pick of the bunch at the moment is the Bunny girl pencil skirt. At 50% off, you'd be silly not to buy this. I own a few *cough*six*cough* W&DB pencil skirts and they pay for themselves (uumm no, not like that- sheesh! They pay in confidence $$). Best wardrobe staple and who can resist a bow? definitely not me and if you're reading this blog- probably not you either.

Bunny girl pencil skirt (black/black, black/white sizes 1-4) $157.50
Check out for 'Clothes to snare a millionaire' MIAOW!

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  1. I would be so tempted to wear those sequinned knickers out!


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