Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angelina's Star performance- Angelina Ballerina the ballet

It's just one week until the English National ballet hit Sydney to begin their 23 performances in 12 days of Angelina's star performance; A ballet based on every little girl's favourite animated mouse- Angelina Ballerina.

The ballet shows Angelina and her friends as she prepares her audition for Camembert Academy.
Not only focusing on ballet- this performance sees Angelina testing the waters of Hip Hop and Jazz as she makes new friends and broadens her horizons.

Sadly, it is stated on the ticketmaster website that there is to be NO dancing in the dress circle or the aisles. This takes me back to when my mother took me to see Rudolf Nureyev when I was a little dot (just before he passed away) so I could experience a legend- and I spent the entire time trying to copy the moves.

I'm seriously so excited about this show- I bought my tickets back in September. I can't wait to see how the dancers manage to move gracefully with giant mouseheads on their...heads.

The All tickets are $35 (except for under 1 year olds who are free! How sweet.) and performances take place at 11:00am, 2:00pm and 5:30pm each day of the production.

I would advise you use this opportunity to get in touch with your cute side and grab your nieces, your god daughters (or nephews and god sons) or just get a group of friends together for a cheap day out and something different to do.

For a start- $35 to watch the English National Ballet is a bloody bargain and it's a light fluffy storyline everyone can enjoy.

Angelina's star performance

December 10-22
State theatre, Sydney

January 5- 12
State theatre, Melbourne

January 19-23
QPAC playhouse, Brisbane

Grab tickets now from ticketmaster here

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