Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

I've noticed some people blogging about their Chrissy decorations and I like the idea so I have decided to share a few of mine.

The tree in all its glory. Very strict with the blue and silver theme! Mainly our decorations consist of special pieces that have been picked up from all over the world. Including:


America (Dumbo from Disneyworld, Florida and Native American Indian decoration from Nevada).

It wouldn't be my tree without bows, hearts, shoes and handbags.

Just in case I forget who I am
More hearts and bows...of course!

Indoor wreath to spread the cheer throughout the whole place

Peace out, A town down.


  1. I love the shoe decoration on the tree!!!

    Lovely tree and decorations around the house!

    I haven't even started on decorations yet...probably because my apartment is too small for anything. Haha!

  2. Love the ornaments from travel destinations! Very sentimental and looks great!

  3. Love your xmas decorations, so cute!


Stay cute...