Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jane Aldridge Sea of Shoes REAL dress for the Crillon ball

Alright peeps- I get hundreds and hundreds of hits a day for little miss popular Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and they all come through to this post which speculated as to what stunning Chanel couture creation she would wear to the annual Crillon ball.
Well, as we found out the sequin and tulle number wasn't it. And while I was a fan (she looks awesome in everything in my opinion) alot of people were not. Since that last post she has (obviously) been to Paris and returned home to Texas and posted pictures of the real deal.

Again, surprise surprise- I loved the dress. I won't post pics of her in it- you can mosey on over to her blog to view those, but this is it on the catwalk.

I think there's only been 3 Chanel pieces I've ever seen which I haven't liked (including a pair of heavily ripped stockings- WTF?) so I guess I'm biased. But I'm totes in lurrrve with this dress.

My favourite part is the way it has the structure shoulders which doesn't really follow a contemporary 'evening wear' ideal and the interesting, almost boat, neckline.

The structure echoes the look of a classic Chanel boucle wool suit, while the volume of the skirt provides the glamour of an evening gown, and the frivolous nature of a couture creation is supplied by the floral detail on the hip.

Naturally Jane looked adorable. She has the perfect height and leanness to pull off Couture. Damn her. hehe!

So... I hope that has cleared up the REAL dress she wore! As I said in my last post; it was unlikely she would have been wearing the black 'octopus' design and I guess most people are happy she didn't!

What do you think of the dress? Do you like it better than the first dress? (Please don't say anything mean about Jane herself, she didn't design the dress and she's just a bub. Thanks)


  1. I was one of the few people who loved the dress, too! The whole upper part + neckline is absolutely gorgeous. I would kill to wear something so beautiful. :)

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