Friday, December 18, 2009

Mood dressing

On such a drab day with Christmas crowds, bus strike and rain galore I thought it best to dress for the mood. In black.

I'm not really down with the 'harem pant' phenomenon, but I've had these Alistair Trung harem pants for a while now and used to wear them before everyone else did. Yep, I'm really that fashion forward.

Since the trend hit, they haven't seen the light of day- but today's weather was not hot nor cold. Too warm for jeans or something equally heavy and a summer dress would look inappropriate given the rain.
Pants- Alistair Trung
Singlet- Supre
Jacket- no name brand
Shoes- Givenchy
Bag- Chanel
Bracelet- Samantha Wills
Earrings- Emmanuelle
I don't have a close up of the earrings, but I wore two mix-matched ones which were from a 20 (or so) piece set I bought to adorn my hair back in the day for my year 11 formal.
I wore the infamous Sass & Bide 'Postmistress' dress and got the same hair dresser (Renya Xydis) and makeup artist (Liz Kelsh) to make me up the same as the models from the show which the dress was featured in.
Part of the hair was earrings placed in the plaits running down the side of my head. Loved the result.
The elastic waist band of my harem pants also proved a fine choice for my big, beautiful lunch at Etch. Yes, yes I did spend Melbourne cup there. And I have a booking to take an overseas guest there in just a few days. But who can get sick of perfection? Not me.

I was a bit boring and ordered what I've ordered everytime I've been there since the Spring menu got put on:

Entree- Spring vegetable salad, crispy hen's egg and hazelnut emulsion
Main- Marinated Lamb rump, candied olive, crushed potato and tomato vinegarette
Side- Provencal potatoes, aged prosciutto, smoked garlic mayonnaise
Dessert- Chocolate checkerboard and mint ice cream

Every meal was exquisite as it sounds.

The rest of the day was spent in Louis Vuitton choosing Christmas presents for mother dearest. Lucky her!

I hope everyone had an OK day despite the painful weather and lack of public transport!


  1. Hello!

    I love the way you rock the pair of harem pants!
    It always make me look hugeeeee!

    You looked so cute in Year 11!

    I looked so bad in Year 11. I tied my hair into a ponytail for formal! Lol!

  2. Love those pants, I'm slightly obsessed with them!!!


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