Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Outfit of the day

So, I've had a few requests through for me to start posting my daily outfits.
Unsure of whether or not they have been completely sarcastic suggestions I have decided to give it a shot.
Now- let me warn you. Unlike some beautiful blogs around, I do not have access to a photographer, I do not have a fancy pants camera or anywhere special to shoot. I'm not a model, nor do I have the body of one. Except the height, I have that.

SO. Please do not expect great photography here. I am merely posting these shots so people can get an idea of my outfits, which are an extension of my cute obsession.
Unfortunately, I chose a really bad day to begin because I'm not really looking anywhere near cute. But I had a busy day of Christmas shopping to do, so it was not feasible to wear anything frilly or fluffy.
You can see my reluctance to post these pictures in the pained, strained look on my face in the first one but let's see how we go.

Top- Super lovers (purchased in Harajuku)

Jeans- Sass & Bide 'neon nights'

Sandals- Prada

Bag- Chanel

Sunnies- Marni

Shocking news, everyone- I love ruffles! I know, right? How could I love something so frou frou when I'm clearly not into anything at all like that *cough*

That was the main thing that drew me to these jeans. They just have that something extra, and I love how this top cuts away in the perfect spot so the frills say "Peek-a-boo!". Well, that's what they say to me, anyway.

I purchased this Super Lovers top in Japan. There's actually a bit of a funny story behind it. I mean, I found it funny- you might be bored shitless. But it involves an explosion, a baby and rude Japanese people- seriously, they're as rare as....unicorns?

So anyway, I'm walking down the street in Harajuku minding my own business when BOOOOM this loud explosion goes off. I stop in my tracks out of fear and next thing I'm wet. No, I didn't piss myself (thank God), but a taxi has driven over a can of coffee and it has exploded everywhere.

Lucky me- I was just walking by at the right point. The other victim was a baby whose parents didn't cop a singlet droplet but managed to over-react as though a real bomb had gone off.

I look down to assess the damage. It's inside the white lining of my sneakers, all over my beloved Lover anorak, IN MY FREAKIN' EARS. It was around 40 degrees (celcius for those of you going huh? That's not hot) that day and I was beginning to stick to myself. I ran into a gorgeous department store noticing Chloe, Comme des garcons, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and various other stores of interest on my way to the nearest bathroom.
Once inside, I begin the uncouth activity of washing myself, as discreetly as possible, and rearranging my outfit so that you can't see the brown stains all over me.

I decide this is the perfect excuse to buy something new to put on. It's not like I needed an excuse, but it's always nice to justify your purchases.

I go into each of the above listed stores. I cannot believe the terrible looks I received. Sure, I reeked of coffee, but is coffee smell really that bad? It was obvious by the lack of service I got that my money wasn't wanted there *shrug*.

I stumble upon the Superlovers store which I was keen to look in anyway- it's a Gwen thing. (Superloveeeeer. Tell me where you got your [uh at the superlovers store] Yoh- oh, sorry I was telling a story, wasn't I?)

As soon as I walk in, I'm greeted. One of the sales assistants points to one of my many stains and I am about to roll my eyes when she offers me one of those little wet towels that seem to grow on trees or something in Japan. How sweet. I decide I will buy something from here no matter what.

This top turned out to be PERFECT. It's length meant I didn't need to change my pants that only had a few stains and it was nice and cool for the disgusting heat. Plus, super lovers aren't known to be the most expensive store in the world so I got it at a decent price! Awesome.

Feeling a lot more comfortable I am free to keep shopping and enjoy myself. Yay!

As a side note- I ended up going into this store WALL who sell the most ridiculously beautiful creations (most of which are one offs) from Japanese designers as well as artists from around the world.

I ended up picking up a stunning, one-off, hand made scarf from an artist named BORN. I totally forget where he is from...oops. Netherlands, of them. But I was more impressed with his clothing than his art.

Moral of the story- if you're going to get drenched in a can of coffee, pray that you're seconds away from Laforet in Harajuku so you can pick yourself up something new.

Below are some pics I took from around Laforet. These were mainly of the walls near/opposite the shops and some of stores that hadn't opened yet. Boo.

If there's anything else you want to see up on this blog, or any cuteness you can direct me to- don't forget to comment or email me


  1. I love your top!!!!

    I really like your Outfit Post!

  2. Hey...thanks for your comment. Re: My face. Cute - maybe. Little - HELL NO! I have the chubbiest face EVAH!LOL!

    Need to learn contouring!

  3. oh what a story with your Lover anorak! that's just horrible but boy did you get an awesome top! it's so cool. love your outfit too (:

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  6. Love the outfit posting and story to go with.
    Oh my how amazing are those walls!

  7. Pretty sure your top is amazing!!

  8. what a great top - so much fun to wear ... xx


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