Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reason #54 I need a daughter. Right now.

It's not secret I'm still a child at heart. It's not like I'm the only one. Mariah Carey says she is "eternally 12" and I live by the mantra "I may grow old, but I will never grow up!"
So it should come as no surprise to you that I love shows like Hannah Montana, Dora the explorer, iCarly, The suite life of Zach and Cody....eerr ok. I'll stop now.

But when you watch Nickelodeon and the Disney channel non-stop, you also get to see the awesome ads for new toys on the market.
Noteably- Barbie.

Of course, just before Christmas all the fancy-pants Barbie goodies come out for little girls to ask Santa for and this one really takes the cake.

Barbie's dream Town house kinda shits all over everything they've ever made for Barbie.

In my life time I've owned the convertible, the campervan, the horse trailer complete with barbecue and picnic table and horse that walked on it's own but NEVER did a 3 storey town house exist.

This dream house comes complete with a pop-up flat screen TV, a jacuzzi, an elevator, fully stocked kitchen, tiki torches and a fireplace.

There are also some intimate little touches such as a flushing toilet sound (how very Japanese), a doorbell and a crackling fireplace noise.

The Barbie dream townhouse will set you back around $200.00 in Australia but that's a small price to pay for happiness.

The closest thing to this when I was little (Actually little, not just in my mind) was Sylvania families. Which, for those of you who are not familiar, are a collection of wild animals who have somehow become sophisticated enough to have societies where they actually wear clothes, go to school and work and have quaint little houses with amenities like copper pots for cooking and gingham table clothes.
Barbie's dreamhouse it ain't.

However, Sylvania families have stood the test of time and are a collection to be added to- not something to be envied and played with until the Jacuzzi stops bubbling. (Or at least I'm telling myself this because it's unlikely there'll be a townhouse under my tree this year).

Will you be buying into the Mattel madness this Christmas?
What was your favourite childhood play thing?
What do you still play with?

*braces self for anonymous posters saying they play with their dicks*


  1. OMG Sylvania families, barbie's ferrari, horse and campervan. The sweet memories! Wow 3 story townhouse i would be in my absolute element.
    Yes we certainly live by the mantra 'grow old but never grow up' and proud of it x

  2. Sylvania families were one of my favourite things from my childhood. I love this post.


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