Friday, December 4, 2009

Tarina Tarantino- the makeup

Our favourite pink-haired beauty has done it again. As if Tarina Tarantino hadn't done enough for the world of cute, she's now launched a makeup line.

Famous for getting grown women to embrace their little girl by wearing jewels and accessories designed through collaborations with Barbie, Hello Kitty and Alice in Wonderland- Tarina's creations are the epitome of cuteness. Women like Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne (who wore Tarina's designs all throughout the most recent US dancing with the stars) and upcoming Nickelodeon superstar sweetie-pie Miranda Cosgrove have all been photographed wearing Tarina Tarantino goodies and now a whole new fan base- the beauty lover, is going to emerge.

Nylon magazine has given us the first peep at the makeup, (including the pics) revealing to us what not alot of people knew- that Tarina started her career as a makeup artist.

The line features everything us girls want- loads of sparkles and glamour contained in pastel pink packaging. The kind of packaging that you feel proud to pull out in public for those essential touch ups.

Fluro pink makeup brushes-with bow detail, no less- complete the Tarina Tarantino makeup experience. They're definitely the best looking makeup tools I've seen around.
As the range is a collaboration with Sephora, of which Tarina herself had control over the ingredients of the products, it will be sold exclusively to them. Meaning, unfortunately- us Aussies will miss out.
But on the plus side, we are home to the Koala so maybe, just maybe we could do a trade? Cute for a cute...that's what the bible says? Right?
Tarina Tarantino's makeup collection will be out this Winter (US Winter) in Sephora stores.
Check out her website for more info (and grab yourself a pair of earrings while you're there!)

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  1. ohmigod i love it! another thing to add to my list of "reasons i must go back to LA"


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