Saturday, December 5, 2009

Terry Richardson Limited edition 'action figure'

You're probably wondering why I'm doing a post on a Terry Richardson toy. He certainly isn't Barbie and he's miles away from anything Sanrio ever created.
Well, despite the fact that 98% of his work is verging on porn; he has done some really cute shoots.

I'm probably going to get some gross google searches now- but some people think the following shots are promoting beastiality and paedophilia.

Meh. I ask you to look past the fact the poodle is touching Nicole Trunfio's boobs so you can
enjoy the innocent and pretty side of these photos.

Now we've looked at a couple of gorgeous supermodels (Nicole Trunfio and Natalia Vodianova in case you're wondering)-It's now time to get to my point.

Earlier this year French superstore-of-coolness, Colette, were selling a Terry Richardson action figure. Now, just in time for Christmas (Huzzah!) this limited edition version of the toy has been created. The term action figure is usually synonymous with people who actually do nifty things like, save the world, for example- but that's ok. This particular 'hero' comes complete with no pants and a camera covering his penis. So he's almost Superman...or at the very least- Clark Kent.

Retailing for an enormous 145 EUROS. Yes, Really. I don't think this one will be on my Christmas list.

But for those of you dying to grab one of these, they're released 'soon'. Check out and then please kindly leave a comment telling what the hell is going on inside your head. TA.

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