Thursday, January 28, 2010

I did it, I did it, I did it, yeah!

I'm guessing I'm the only one who got my semi- Dora the Explorer reference in the title. Unless there's any 5 year olds who read my blog?

WELL. I stated in my last post that I was going to attempt to make the Beef with Pickled Orange salad and Parsnip Puree which I had modified from a recipe in Luke Mangan's 'At home and in the mood' cookbook and tonight I did it.

I must admit that I started off really well and got a bit flustered when it came to the beef part. Normally I'm fine with cooking beef. I get a good cut, flour it, pan sear it very briefly and then roast it until it's cooked to my liking. For me, I find this gives the nicest texture and right amount of moisture.

But tonight, my fry pan mustn't have been hot enough and the searing didn't go so well. I made sure my oven was super hot (185 degrees celcius) so it evened out and the steak ended up being lovely, but it might have something to do with the fact I bought my meat from Victor Churchill's and the quality is so superb I think it would be hard to make it taste bad.

I also used peas, although the recipe called for Soy Beans. I had a really tough time trying to find soy bean- fresh or dried, and only ended up finding dried ones at Wholefoods in Woollahra, so peas were the next best thing.

The parsnip puree was very sweet and creamy, although I could have pureed it more (mine was still quite firm and could 'stand' on it's own) and it was the perfect offset for the bitterness of the poached orange peel.

All in all it was a great meal and I will certainly give it another shot knowing what I know now. I will also use Wagyu beef next time. I didn't want to spend the extra minimum $30.00 a kilo for Wagyu so thought I'd test it out on the cheaper stuff first.
(PS- I made the custard tarts and the butter chicken last night and they were both fantastic, too. There was alot of leftover batter and dough mixture for the custard tarts so maybe half the recipe if you don't want heaps/are cooking for one or two. Noone could believe I made the butter chicken from scratch, it tastes beautifully authentic and has really subtle but lasting flavours. Will DEFINITELY be doing that one again!)

Has anyone else gone out and got Luke's cookbook yet? I know I've been raving about it alot, but it's simply marvellous!


  1. Wow...I love custard tarts! And yours look so deliciously cute!

    And no, I didn't get the reference in the title! :(

    I might call my little sis up and ask her.

  2. Yummo!
    I hope you wore your super cute chef hat.
    All these gorgeous meals are making me drool. Chef Marlo needs a taste tester by the name of Laura ;)

  3. Hahaha I got the Dora reference. Love that show to bits.

    Yum yum yum yum yum - delicioso!!!

  4. Oh! Delish! I hope that if I lived near you, i would have been invited! I agree with you about putting flour on steaks before searing them! They come out w a lovely texture! The little tarts are adorable as well! :)


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