Thursday, January 7, 2010

I don't like Sci Fi movies...

I wonder how many people thought this before seeing Avatar and left with their minds completely blown?

I saw it today in 3D and it was (I NEVER use this word because it's so overdone it makes me sick but anyway....) AMAZING.

I have alot to say but obviously I'm no film reviewer and I don't want to spoil it for anyone so here is point form:

-Michelle Rodriguez deserves an Oscar for her portrayal of a more feminine version of Michelle Rodriguez. It must have taken alot for her to play a character who has an actual soul and a menstrual cycle. Prison has been great for her.

-The only thing that could look as pretty as the Na'vi with yellow eyes is Angelina Jolie with jaundice. Imagine if they'd been blue or green! wa wa wow.

-I think Giovanni Ribisi's character would have been better played by that dad from the OC. Don't ask me why.

-And the bad-ass army guy should have been played by Clint Eastwood. So James, call me next time you need a casting director...K?

-I really want a plush toy of one of those fluffy things that fell from the tree. You know, those octopus kinda things. SO. CUTE.

-I wish my freckles were illuminated! I might buy some glow in the dark paint and dot it on my face next time I go out.

-The 3D was done super well. I have this inexplicable fear of 3D movies. They make me anxious and nauseous but that might have something to do with the last 3D film I saw being narrated by Tom Cruise. He'll do that to a girl.

Anyway, I was a bit wary to see it in 3D but I am so glad I did. Nothing unnecessary jumps out at you and as I read somewhere earlier online it just adds depth. You feel like you're just in amongst it and it's all...uummm....3D. (I know, I know I'm pretty clever).

-When I first read that the movie was filmed in Wellington, NZ; I thought that it made use of the forest and just added a few effects. I didn't realise how full blown it was. And how flawless and seamless it was. If I had walked out of the movie and seen one of the Na'vi wandering around David Jones I wouldn't have looked twice, the team who worked on the effects did such a fantastic job of making it all seem so real.

-My 3D glasses must have been rose coloured because I barely even noticed any fighting going on. I was kind of like "oohh look! People flying at each other on technicolour dinosaur birds and in ugly concrete coloured building blocks" which is very nice if you don't like violence.

I'm sure you're all just trying to digest the intellect that is this post so I'll leave it there. Have you got anything more insightful to add? I highly doubt it, but please comment and tell everyone why they should go see it- in case they haven't already.

PS- I'm tagging this as 'beauty' because it sure was.

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  1. It was awesome. My boy actually went to watch the movie twice.

    I love all the animation - it was so colourful!


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