Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you like Pina Coladas...

...You'll love Joico's K-PAK sun therapy line.
As you've probably seen in my photos I have very long, waist length hair. People often ask me how I keep it looking healthy considering that I'm a bandit for a bit of GHD action and I'm in a heavily chlorinated pool at least 5 days a week.

Well. There's no real trick apart from a thorough trim every 6 weeks and a good quality yet extremely simple moisturising hair regime to protect against the nasties that are sun, chemical (like that of chlorine or hair colouring) and heat damage.

You're probably wondering what's the dealio with the title of this post? Well, the best part (apart from great looking hair...duh) is the smell of the sun therapy products. MY GOD. It smells like coconut tanning oil with an added sweetness which makes me feel and smell like I've been bathing in cocktails....mmmm cocktails.

The secret of the sun therapy products is that it helps to re-build the damage caused by the sun while also protecting it from future damage.

This is done with the use of aloe vera, covabsorb EW (a strong UV protectant) and Quadramine complex which features the hair's naturally forming Keratin to increase strength and overall health. (You've probably heard of Keratin for the recent breakthrough Global Keratin treatment which adds a tonne of life back to dry hair as well as straightening it)

For anyone who does any kind of the things we're told NOT to but just HAVE to do to our hair; like colouring and straightening, you can never have too many Keratin or moisture replenishing products.

The Joico K-PAK sun therapy collection features three gorgeous products:
  • K-PAK sun therapy nourishing shampoo

  • K-PAK sun therapy treatment masque

  • K-PAK sun therapy Protective sun milk

While I use the shampoo and masque religiously, my fave of the three would have to be the sun milk which works as a handy detangler, pretty smelling hair mist and makes my hair feel protected (just as my face or body would with sunblock) against UV rays- while also doing it's job of moisturising and conditioning.

For those of you who know how important it is to use sunblock daily, then this range is definitely for you.

And while we're on the topic of Joico- anyone who just needs a fantastic treatment for dry, brittle hair should try the Moisture Recovery Treatment Lotion from the moisture recovery line. Used even once a week you will notice an immense difference in the condition and overall look of your hair, especially for those of you who colour and/or heat style it.

Does anyone else swear by Joico products? What are your faves?


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I love blogs that review products <3

    I'm nursing my waist length hair back to health after losing a lot to hormones so this post is fab reading for me :)

    <3 xxx

  2. I've never used Joico products! I dont think ive seen them before? where do you buy them? I'm guessing hairhouse warehouse type of place?
    i use kevin murphy and kerastase products and i guess i like them but im sick of them and their smell and their cost.
    i use the hairdryer like a maniac and in winter i swim in chlorine and my hair is bleached to the nines.
    i think i should give this line a try.
    and if it smells like pina coladas im in!

  3. Thanks for the great recs on Joico, I'm going to convert from Redken next time I buy.

    Now do tell, when you wear your hair, slightly wavy and sexy (such as in your Gaga homage outfit and the photos below) how do you achieve this? I am insanely jealous and must learn how to.

  4. I'm a bandit for the GHD. I usually straighten my hair, but occasionally I will curl it.

    It's a bit hard to type, but if you google it I'm sure you can find tutorials on curling.

    My hair is very heavy but fine so the curls never stay. Once they drop, you get that wavy look.

    After I wash my hair I put through a root boosting spray or a thickening spray to make it a little gritty and grab some texture.

    I then put mousse through the ends so that whatever way you style it, it will stay (as best as possible).

    Try not to put too much on the roots as it can look greasy.

    Blowdry and then curl or straighten with the GHD :)


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