Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jane McGrath High tea

Yesterday was the second annual high tea held on Jane McGrath day at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The McGrath foundation was started by Jane when she realised the importance of breast care nurses and how much of a difference having the support of a nurse made to her life during treatment.

It was then that she decided every woman suffering from the disease must not have to go through cancer treatment without one by their side.

The problem, however, is that it is not a cheap exercise. A two year contract for a breast care nurse is over $350,000 so you can see why fundraising for this incredible cause is imperative.

The foundation's support has blossomed in the past two years during the test match with the Ladies' stand in the member's section being named the Jane McGrath stand for day three of the test and a request for all those attending the cricket to wear pink to show their support.

There are also fundraising initiatives such as pink zinc for a gold coin donation, pink bandannas (which are totally awesome for a hot day at the cricket if you drench them in cold water before you pop it on your neck or forehead) and my favourite part of the test (eerr apart from Australia winning of course)- the High tea.

In attendance this year was Kevin Rudd, his lovely wife Therese Rein and their son, Nicholas, WAGS including Jessica Bratich, Waratahs Captain Phil Waugh, the super-fit Melinda Gainsford-Taylor and Australia's biggest sports-charity bandit, Adam Spencer.

Over 250 guests ate smoked Salmon sandwiches, prawn tarts, short bread cookies, macarons, cherries and pink iced cupcakes. We sipped on pink champagne and guava juice and were given goody bags with products from Dermalogica, Blackmores and Olay.

We were also treated to a performance from Trish Delaney as well as personal and invaluable anecdotes from Jane's best friend and MC for the event, Tracy Bevan.
Unfortunately I realised in the car on my way that I didn't have any battery left on my camera so I don't have any pics except for a couple not taken by me.

I look DISGUSTING in the pic with K.Rudd. It's like you can actually see the Christmas excess booze, ham and sun and lack of sleep on my face. But let's just forget about that for now.
The picture below that is me just having a chat with the PM (as you do).

Dress- Review

Headband- Alannah Hill

Necklace- Vivienne Westwood

Aside from the eating we were also given the opportunity to buy tickets in a raffle which had fabulous prizes of a night at the Westin including high tea, an iPhone, McGrath foundation merchandise and the most coveted prize of custom made McGrath RM Williams boots which apparently K.Rudd was keen to get his hands on.

As well as the raffle there were $100 and $200 mystery boxes which guaranteed you a prize. This is far less anxiety inducing than a raffle so I bought a $200 box and won a gift certificate for Joh Bailey. Excellent. Mum bought one too and she won an Issey Miyake Dyson hand held vac which is great because the one she has just packed it in. Huzzah!

So. What can you do to contribute? Go to and get educated. Women- learn how to check your breasts. Men- remind your ladies to check her breasts. Donate! If you can't afford to donate big/don't have a credit card/are computer illiterate then text PINK to 193363 and a $3 donation will be made to the foundation. ($1.10 fee is deducted for Telstra customers and the service does not work for Optus or Virgin customers)

Keep an eye out in the events section for more fun events like the high tea and follow the foundation on twitter for more fundraising opportunities!


  1. Wow! What an honour to have met Kevin Rudd! I am in awe of his Mandarin skills! I am Chinese and not even I can speak as fluently as he does.

    I really love your headband! You look really elegant and classy!

  2. i second rudd, what was he like? what did you talk about?

    sounds like it would of been a lovely lunch

  3. Oh how sad your camera died, I would have loved to see more pics, especially from your outfit and hanging with K.Rudd (as you do!) :-)

  4. Your outfit looks really lovely, pity you couldn't take more photos. What a fantastic charity, and kudos to you for your support of it. x

  5. lovely outfit you look great!

  6. What did Mr Rudd and I talk about? weeelllll he asked me what I do with myself and I told him I study law (and not much else haha) then he and Therese talked about their family trip to Greece (years ago) as one of the people I was there with was visiting from Greece.
    And that's about it really...

    To be honest I've only started to really like him since he made a proactive step towards reconciliation so while it is an honour to meet him I suppose it wasn't like I was meeting an idol.
    Still feel very lucky to get so close to what I guess is our most important man :)
    Therese impressed me alot more- she was very open and warm and I totally dug her outfit. (She was rocking a pink dress with red shoes and it WORKED. Anyone who can pull off red and pink together gets major points in my book).


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