Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mariah Carey for Angel Champagne?

I posted here a few months ago about the sublimely decadent Angel Champagne that would be gracing the lips of lucky people the world over very soon.

Well that soon has been and gone, with the online store now open for business.

We now have a mysterious tweet from the houses biggest fan, Mariah Carey, that she will be launching Mariah Carey for Angel Champagne in the form of a Rose (eerr I don't know how to do those accents on the top of the e, soz).

Here's what she said:

Didn't realize they put the champagne on the tables, so we WOULDN'T drink it! LoL. No, seriously ANGEL CHAMPAGNE (ROSE) by MC coming soon!

The table Champagne she is referring to, of course, is that which was served at the recent Palm Springs international film festival where Mariah won the award for breakthrough Actress for her portrayal of a dowdy, tough love social worker in the film Precious (which is finally coming to cinemas in Australia in February!).

For those of you who don't watch the news, entertain celebrity gossip and antics or go online, Mariah proceeded to accept her award while she was drunk.

In a display of typical Mariah cuteness she slurred the few words she got out and giggled a bit.
Meh. People went on and on about it, but she's 39, she's allowed a drink.

She didn't hurt anyone, didn't drive home afterward and isn't pregnant. What did she do wrong?
In any case, the few 'splashes of champagne' as she later descrbied it, raised the profile of the Palm Springs international film festival, apparently giving them around $40 million of free advertising due to the extensive news and internet coverage it received globally.
So, is this just a little Mariah humour or do you she will be releasing her own line of Champagnes?
In my opinion, It couldn't hurt. Mariah's perfumes are some of the highest selling celebrity perfumes (aside from Britney Spears) with her first fragrance 'M' being the top seller at Myer stores when it was released in 2008.


  1. I love Mariah! I love her curves, her voice and her hair!!! I think if she lends her name to the brand, they will definitely sell a lot more champagne!


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