Thursday, January 14, 2010

Product du jour- Estee Lauder re-nutriv intensive smoothing hand creme

I just received this as a Christmas gift a few weeks ago (duh) and I cannot rave about it enough.

My hands have never felt so soft, my nails so strong.

Part of the luxurious Estee Lauder re-nutriv line (that can be found at David Jones stores across Australia) this hand cream is said to last through 10 hand washes and with the use of shea butter, fatty acids and oils can restore skin cells which will improve hydration and provide protection, firming and will reduce dark age spots.

OK, so I don't exactly have any age spots, but being tanorexic as I am I'm bound to one day so it's a good thing I'm getting in early.

I don't know about all the science behind the cream, but I do have proof. After neglecting my nails and my poor cuticles for a while I was left with hang nails and cut-up, sore cuticles. YUCK.

I put this on before bed and the next day- they were gone.

Not slightly better, but completely vanished.

At around $100 (in Australia) it's not exactly something you keep in your handbag to slap on a few times a day. But super good coverage means you don't need much per application for a little to go a long way.

Has anyone else tried this, or anything else from the re-nutriv range?
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  1. Hi! I came across your blog while looking for pictures of tarina tarintino's new makeup line so i could post about it on my blog tomorrow. I looked through your blog a little and noticed you and i are so like! I have also been to puroland! wasnt is magical :) I loved getting to go thru hello kitty's house and meet "her", im such a child!

  2. Hey! I love your blog...and it's name! ;) Adorable <3

    I love a good hand cream too, this one is going on my to buy list :)

    Off to link you!

    <3 xxx

  3. This hand cream sounds really good but yikes...the price is steep! I think I will need to invest in something like that in a few years soon.

  4. It really does work out quite well.
    I use about quarter to half the size of a 5 cent coin and that's plenty!
    So on a cost per use basis, it is ok...probably less than when I buy a cheaper brand and slop it all over!

  5. Is it oily? I hate hand creams that leave my hands greasy

  6. No, not at all!
    It's quite a thick little one.
    The only time you will feel that oiliness is when you wash your hands, but you can really tell the cream is still ON your hands after you wash- just like they say.

  7. I bought this. So far so good. I have pretty dry hands though, so i need to wait a while for full results.

  8. Let me know how you go! I haven't used it in a few days and my hands are still way better than what they would be if I hadn't used any other of the millions of hand creams I've tried for a few days...


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