Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just checking in...and I've been tagged!

I haven't posted all week! I have a few things to show you, but just have to organise the piccies etc. So hang tight!
In the meantime, I've been tagged by the gorgeous Sarah over at Death Wears Diamond Jewellery and I have to share 7 unusual things about myself.

hhmmm let's see....

1) I have an inexplicable phobia of grapes that haven't been purchased by myself. Yeah, odd. I just don't trust other people's standard of what makes a good grape. SOZ.

2) I once pretended I worked at MTV in order to get backstage at a Hanson concert and I grabbed Zac Hanson on the ass....and then ran off with Taylor's towel which I ripped from around his neck after I had spent a sufficient amount of time getting photos with them.

3) I have a blister on my left index finger that's been there my entire life.

4) I have double jointed shoulder blades which stick out about half a foot off my back to look like wings (when I want them to).

5) I love ostentatious designer sunglasses. Notably my Louis Vuitton Bindi ones with an amethyst in the centre.

6) I am obsessed by sport but I'm not very good at it at all.

7) I want to be a judge (when I eventually finish my Law degree etc etc etc) so I have an excuse to wear puffy sleeves to work everyday.
ETA: Have uploaded one pic with Isaac Hanson. LOLcanoes.


  1. Ha, love the puffy sleeve comment - so cute!

  2. Haha, I remember being obsessed with Hanson once upon a time...

    And I can completely relate to #6

  3. You are so cute!

    Your Hanson experience must be one that you will remember for life!

    I like puffy sleeves too!

  4. i love the title of your blog--so cute!


  5. PLEASE post a Hanson pic!!! God I loved them when I was 10.

  6. im so going to through grapes at you instead of confetti at your wedding...

  7. I love this list!

    Wow a judge you're so smart! :-D

    Hahaha Hanson gig x

  8. LOL at your Hanson anecdote! That's hilarious!

  9. HAHAH Sare...if I choose the grapes you can throw them at me if you like.

    Katie- I doubt I'll actually become one...just a puffed sleeve fantasy :P

    Blanche- I think I have one of the Hanson pics in an old album, so I'll edit this post and add it. It's with Ike. Not sure where the others was 5 years ago :(

  10. ahahaha the memories of hanson obsessed days!
    how i loved isaac *blush*
    how funny is your grape phobia. future note no grapes or seafood.
    my shoulders are are also double jointed. we should walk around as angels one day although it'll just look as if we're trying to stick our boobs out!

  11. I really liked the bit about pretending you worked at MTV and grabbed Zac Hanson's butt

  12. oooh such a good photo!
    i'm so impressed with your story of faking a job at MTV to meet them.
    I would never have the balls to go through with it!


Stay cute...