Sunday, February 14, 2010

LL Cafe, Wine and Dine

It was only a couple of posts ago I was saying how Sydney desperately needed new bars and it can never be a bad thing when a new one opens.
Tonight saw the opening of a new bar- LL Cafe, Wine and Dine. Situated in up-and-coming new Sydney hotspot Llankelly lane in Kings Cross (which is apparently trying to clean up its act to get the attention of a younger, fresher crowd) a traditional Chinese Dragon dance kicked off the launch while guests sipped on...well, pretty much anything they wanted.

The boys behind LL; Chris, Matt and Tim Barge, were keen hosts. They were on hand to personally attend to guests beverage needs and I saw and heard more than one woman drooling over their good looks.
But that's obviously not all they have to offer. In the lucrative world of bars and clubs, and the even more competitive arena of Kings Cross, the Barge boys have given us something Sydney has been aching for for years.

LL gives you the secret and seductive feel of a Melbourne laneway bar, but the sophistication and sex appeal of Sydney. Yes, I'm a Sydney sider, yes I'm biased.

The space itself is quite unusual for Sydney. With a sneaky corridor and lots of corners, it is perfect for quite drinks with close mates out the back in one of the split level areas, or if you feel like being a bit...louder- then perhaps the front of the bar is for you.
Personally I preferred the back section. I was really impressed by two level area which gave a much more intimate feel that is so prevalent in Melbourne but something Sydney really craves. Although cosy, the seating was still spacious and comfortable and not overcrowded to the point where you feel you need to worry about getting wine spilled on your Chrissy Lous.

Sticking to their heritage (The boys are half Chinese) the rooms are fitted out with Chinese silk print screens and stools are red lamps and wall fixtures reminiscent of Chinese coins. I also loved the red envelopes scattered throughout (although I am guessing this was simply for Chinese New Year and won't be a regular thing).

There is also the infamous 'Porn Wall' (which I somehow missed) as the property used to be home to a porn shop.

To be honest I can't tell you much about the food and drink, I just had a couple of beers. From the look of the wine and cocktail list it was pretty extensive but I will have to go back another time when it's not so packed. Judging by the vibe tonight however, I'm guessing that won't be anytime soon!

LL is undoubtedly going to be the new 'it' place to go any night of the week. I can see loads of different people flocking here.
  • The cool Bondi crowd using it as an alternative for tired bars like White Revolver and the like.
  • The after work crowd who are sick of the same old stuffy bars but aren't quite wanting to retire to the pub just yet.
  • The mid twenties-mid thirties crowd who are sick of 16 year olds taking over every venue. (I should shutup about this, I had a fake ID at I was one of them once)

But don't let me just throw stereotypes at you. It's basically a great new hang for anyone looking for something clean and innovative that isn't a fad that will be done to death in six months.

Definitely hit this one up on your next night out- and watch out for Chris, Matthew and Tim Barge, they're onto something great here and this will not be the last we see of them.

Yes yes, I can hear you asking what I wore! It was tricky dressing firstly for this weather, and secondly for that time of day. A 5pm start means not completely night time wear, but it's not day time either....what to do?!
I ended up with this:
Top- Marni
Jacket- No name brand
Shorts- Bettina Liano
Shoes- Sergio Rossi
Scarf- Vivienne Westwood
Bag- Vivienne Westwood
Bracelets- Lydia Jewels, Miu Miu and Samantha Wills

So, who will be checking out LL and how soon?!!?
LL Cafe, Wine & Dine
42 Llankelly Place
Kings Cross/Potts Point (it's on that invisible line between the two suburbs)


  1. Gorgeous! Love your Marni top.
    Definitely need a new alternative to White Revolver so will be sure to check it out..

  2. I love the print on that top and the cut, you've made it unique by adding the belt.

  3. Wow...I love the interior of the place...especially the pictures where there are Chinese influences (Yes, I am biased since I am Malaysian Chinese)! It's a pity that I can't visit it anytime soon since I am in Melb.

    I do love your top and your Vivienne Westwood scarf! I love her accessories! I have one of her pearl/bows/heart necklace which I still get complimented on everytime I wear it out!

  4. im in love with your marni top :-)


  5. Love your outfit!! And you Sydneysiders with your new bars, wish we had more in Perth!

    p.s. I love your hair too!!!

  6. oh i will be there! As soon as I get to Sydney which should be next year for my honeymoon. now we'll know what the hott bar in town will be!! :)

  7. porn wall?! dude. awesome. cannot wait till friday! xxx

  8. wow i love the top, it's amazing :) x


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