Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The man (and girl) in black

Tonight I went to see The Man In Black- The Johhny Cash Story at the Opera House.
I had a delicious dinner at Guillaume at Bennelong prior to the show, and I had completely forgotten how good that place is.
I hadn't been for a while and it was one of the most ridiculously good meals I've ever eaten. For the record, I had the Beef with a tombe of field mushrooms, baby spinach, confit of shallot and merlot sauce and a glass of 2007 Victory Point Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. I'm so saddened by th fact I didn't get dessert- but although I left 1.5 hours before the show, I ran out of time!
It's probably a good thing since I've put on loads of weight the past few days (This has been done on purpose for a personal reason...so if you feel like leaving a comment saying I'm fat, don't bother; I already know! :D) so a night without dessert might be OK. BOO.

Anyways, I took my outfit pics in the restaurant, the lighting wasn't great, but I've tried to give you an idea.
One pic is majorly cropped because my dress was so short, I didn't think anyone needed to see my bum hehe! But you get a better idea of my shoes, so I left it up.

The show itself was brilliant. It's kind of like a musical, but not with so much acting.
Tex Perkins 'plays' Johhny Cash, but with a series of short monologues that are each finished with an appropriate song.
I found his co-star, Rachel Tidd, (who played June Carter and other female influences in his life) over-acted a bit. I just found Tex to be really natural and she came across as over rehearsed. However, I have found her bio online and she holds a masters in speech pathology and specialises in accents so it's possible this is just a force of habit.

Aside from that it was so very good.
Even if you don't like Johhny Cash I would recommend it. His music is so lively you can't help but tap your feet and it's always interesting to hear about successful people's lives.
It really was an enjoyable night.

Dress- Review
Shoes- YSL
Bag- Vintage
Headband- Miu Miu
Bracelet- Miu Miu
For more info on The Man In Black check out their website here


  1. You look really lovely in all your pictures!! You have such long nice hair!

    I saw a bit of Johnny Cash's story in the movie, "Walk The Line" but I don't think it has the same effect as an opera!

  2. marlo you look stunning!
    love the hair and makeup.

  3. Stunning! How tall are you?

    Oh, and post more often!!!

  4. You look beautiful and radiant as ever, Marls!

    The bf got into the bad habit of eating out at great cafes and restaurants for every single meal b, l & d and i accidentally put on 7kgs :o Thankfully it's coming off with regular gym visits and cutting back. Back to good old home cooking it is!

    Psst. I miss your cooking tweets. When's Masterchef coming back on?

  5. Jessica! I know, it's so hard to stay slim when everything is cooked in glorious butter...

    I don't know when it's back- must be after biggest loser? ha.

    Let's catch up when you're in Sydney!

  6. Mmmm I love Guillaume at Bennelong, one of my fave places to eat out in Sydney - it never loses its appeal. Love your outfit here too! x

  7. Sounds like you have a lovely time! You look fabulous as usual and i love love your YSLs!!! <3

  8. Can't wait to see the Man In Black next weekend after reading your review!

  9. You look gorgeous! Sounds like you had a lovely night.

  10. Oh my gosh I love everything about this post!
    I adore Johnny Cash too and Guillaume (at Crown here in Melb) is one of my fave french restaurants.
    What a perfect night out! :)

    You look absolutely stunning <3 You're so pretty and your hair is the loveliest shade of blonde.
    Another amazing, classy outfit, your accessories are to die for!

    <3 xxx

    <3 xxx

  11. Marlo i REALLY LOVED YOUR look!! So elegant and beautiful...

  12. I'll be in Sydney the weekend of March 12. We WILL be catching up! And eating!


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