Thursday, February 4, 2010

Primped's BOSS OF GLOSS competition...please vote for me!

My favourite beauty Mecca- is running a collaborative competition with Estee Lauder's new Michael Kors Very Hollywood line of makeup.

To enter the comp you had to upload a pic of you wearing your Hollywood inspired makeup look.

The colour palette of the MK collection is gorgeous baby pink hues.

I only posted the other day about how much I love black and baby pink as a combination, so I instantly thought of Brigette Bardot (again!).

I tried to emulate her classic look through eyeliner flicks, big lashes, strong brows and the rest of my face very subtle with just a bit of coral blush and light peach lips.

I like this look because it's very classic and ageless which means it's suitable for everyday or going out, depending on how much makeup you like to wear.

The grand prize is a tonne of EL makeup and you get to make a video for instructing how you created your look.

Click HERE to vote for me as you can win some great prizes for yourself too!

And tell me, what's your favourite hollywood look?


  1. voted for you! such a GORGEOUS photo!!!

    you know me, ill always love the dark smokey eyes and nude lips combo x

  2. i wanted to vote for you, but all the other girls are just so BEAUTIFUL

  3. The less plastic the better.

  4. You look really bloated and really fugly. Soz!

  5. Dont worry girl "anonymous" probably has a face only a mother could love.

  6. haha! Thanks for sticking up for me :D
    It's ok, though. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  7. hi there! would you be able to share what products you used, especially on your lips? i really love this look. thanks!

  8. Dior fluidtinte foundation
    MAC bronzer
    Dior blush
    Armani 'eyes to kill' mascara
    Rimmel lipgloss (I'm not sure of the name, but it's like a bubblegum pink in a clear tube and tastes like sugar)
    and various Dior eyeshadows from a LE palette


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