Thursday, February 25, 2010

Product Du Jour- Benefit's Stay Don't Stray

Although not available until the 28th of Feb (In Australia) I was lucky enough to review this product early!

You will also find my review over at the gorgeous and girly Sassisam Blog. If you click on the link you can also see what others had to say about the product.

Stay Don't Stray is the latest offering from San Franciscan beauty brand Benefit. Designed to help eye makeup stay in place, this is an absolute bonza product to have in your makeup kit. That said, that's pretty much the standard for ALL Benefit goods in my opinion!

I would liken the consistency of this product (for those of you familiar with Benefit) as a cross between That Girl primer and Erase Paste concealer.

Although designed for the eyes, Stay Don't Stray makes a nice primer for the whole face. It has excellent coverage and just one squirt should cover at least half the face.

Not only does it fulfil its duty of keeping makeup firmly in place (and prevent those annoying crease lines on your eyelids) but it also creates a smooth, yet almost translucent base for your foundation to go on.

I know what you're thinking- "huh? A foundation for your foundation?" But Priming (or prepping) the skin is a necessary component for your makeup routine.

Particularly if you tend to work long hours, go out after work or plan on having a big, long night out in general. Stay Don't Stray will save you time and money that you would have otherwise wasted reapplying your look and it will let you carry on with your day without worrying if your makeup is fading, straying or smudging.

A definite for primer virgins and for those already in the swing of things.

The only negative I could think of is that the packaging wasn't as cute as Benefit normally offer up. It looked a little medical. But other than that; it's an ace of base!

Find Stay Don't Stray in your nearest Benefit boutique or Benefit stand in Myer stores nationally from 28th Feb for RRP $45


  1. i think the packaging shouldve been pnk or something! but i love the name, total fits in with the Benefit brand!!

    you're so lucky to have it early!!! hopefully ill have $$$ to buy some!

  2. You are right about the fact it could be used for the whole face. I had not thought of that in my blog review. What a great idea. I was a little frustrated with the packaging, as a HUGE blob seems to come out everytime you pump and it was hard to control. I think the extra would be great used on places you want extra coverage (I thought it was just opaque enough) I'll have to try it! Thanks for the review. I love seeing how others use the same products I have reviewed. Great post! xoxo


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