Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ladies At Sydney Swans- L@SS

Being a female footy fan is tough at times. People think you're just there to perve at the guys, (Not true! That's only part of the reason I'm there) or that you've tagged along with dad/brother/boyfriend and have no idea what's going on.
But for many of us; this isn't the case.

I've been following football, both Rugby League and Aussie Rules (plus a bit of Union) my entire life. And while I've never played (that would be hilarious) and don't know every last rule there is to know, I do count myself as a big fan.

I attend many matches in Sydney every year as well as going interestate for various games each season too. And I'm sure there are many, many others out there who are similar and even more dedicated than I am.

Over the years I've even mustered up enough courage to go to Roosters' and Swans' games on my own and even attended a few in last year's final series that had nothing to do with my team.

That is why I'm so glad that the Sydney Swans have come up with a brilliant initiative to encourage and unite female fans so that not only is there a greater support for the club but also so that woman can learn more about the game and enjoy it in a female environment, no matter what level their knowledge of the game is.

Last Wednesday night I attended the soft launch for Ladies At Sydney Swans, otherwise known as L@SS, where Swans tragic and decorated Journalist Geraldine Doogue OA acted as MC to talk us through what L@SS would mean for female fans of the Sydney Swans.

Along with Geraldine, we were spoken to by former journalist Jenny McAsey who has taken over the role as General Manager of Communications at the Sydney Swans, Development Coach and Former Swans Captain, Stewart Maxfield and Lynn Ralph who has been on the board of the AFL Commission Pty Ltd and is overseeing L@SS.

They each spoke of their different involvement at the Sydney Swans and why female supporters are so important.

What L@SS will do over the next season (and the ones after that) is provide a group where ladies can get together in a social environment to enjoy the game both during, after and outside of it (such as the ladies lunch and other events) and feel free to ask questions and gain knowledge for those who aren't as familiar with how it works.

There will also be fundraising initiatives for the Swans' charity of choice which helps paediatric oncology wards through Red Kite. This is as well as a knitting scheme which the ladies are hard at work at right now to help out Wraps for Love by knitting red and white squares to be sewn into blankets for women in under-developed countries.

As it stands, 40% of Swans' members are females. When you think about it, that's quite a high number considering the sporting world is so male-dominated.
However, there's no reason why it can't be a fairer or even higher percentage than male members, so what better time to get involved?

Look, I know the Swans lost to St Kilda on the weekend, but it was by a measly 8 points. For those of you who aren't fans (yet) consider this- the Saints were runners up for the Premiership in '09 and the Swans didn't even make the top 8 so that's a bloody good effort.

To become a member of L@SS at this point you need to be a Swans member. Memberships start at $60.00 for an adult membership and details can be found at after that, the L@SS membership is $50.00 per year and will include invites to special L@SS events, a specially designed red hat (I've seen it. It's cute. Huzzah for a female-oriented hat instead of a run of the mill baseball cap!) and regular updates throughout the year.

Another reason to become a member of the Swans? During the footy season you'll be seeing me post alot more about them so you may as well get on board so you know what the hell I'm on about!

To become a member of L@SS be sure to become a member of the Sydney Swans and then print out the form below (click to make it proper size) and send it in to get started!

Also have a look at some of the pics from the launch- see Cyggie's new scarf getting knitted in time for the first home game on April 10th against Richmond.

What it's all about...

Geraldine Dougge OA (left) Jenny McAsey, Geraldine Dougge OA & Stewart Maxfield

 Cyggie, the team mascot's, new scarf

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bowie A/W10 launch

Upon telling people I was invited to Bowie's A/W 2010 launch the immediate response I got was "Bowie is the nicest guy". I cannot tell you how many times I heard this from various people. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet him last night- but if his collection is an extension of his personality, then hotdamn do I believe it!

Taking place at White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, Sydney, the collection was a mix of all of my favourite things. Ruffles, metallics, sequins and black. Kind of like a fusion of romance and galactica.

Guests including Channel V babes Renee Bargh and Billy Russell, the striking and stunning Nikki Phillips and the gorgeous Maude Garrett saw a collection of sexy and feminine pieces heavily dominated by assymetrical designs and fitted silhouettes with dramatic shoulder and neck adornments. There was also an abundance of leather-look satin which I think will be huge for a modern take on the traditional Autum racewear.

Everytime something came out I'd go "ooh I LOOOOVE this! That's my fave!" and then something even better would come out. *sigh* What's a girl to do?
I've been following Bowie's career for years and still wear and cherish some of my pieces I have from him from back in like, 2004? His design aesthetic has evolved into something really sleek and sophisticated and I can see the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus rocking these on the red carpet one day.

We were also given a look at the new cashmere collection which is simply divine. Every piece is effortless and comfy while still being stylish and classic. This range of knits and cardigans are a must-have for every wardrobe, but my favourite has to be the Kimono (which I only got a vague picture of below) that I must, must, MUST get my hands on. I can see this looking incredible with some leather or structured pants or a puffed blouse flouncing out the sleeves.

Worth noting as well were the hair and makeup. I loved the almost gaffa tape detail around the models' faces and that mixed with the strong eyes balanced out the sharp, tailored look of the clothing.
Sorry my pictures aren't great, I was a bit excited by all the beautiful clothes coming down the run way and I sometimes forgot to get my camera ready. oops.

As for my detox- You will be pleased to know I passed up the free-flowing Chambord cocktails and stuck to Fiji water all night. I did however snack on a million egg and truffle sandwiches. Yuuuuummm.

Have a look at some of the collection below and be sure to head to for stockists and more information on this stunning collection.

I'm obsessed by the Cashmere kimono, the gold dress with the big, black ruffled collar and the white puffball sleeved dress. What are your faves?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Urban remedy day 5- The final day

Even though I probably should have held off until tomorrow morning for maximum results, I decided to weigh/measure myself this morning.

  • Bust- 92cm (36 inches)       Bust- (36 inches)               No change
  • Waist- 69cm (27 inches)     Waist- 66.5cm (26 inches)  Loss of 2.5cm
  • Hips- 90.5cm (35 inches)    Hips- 87cm (34 inches)       Loss of 3.5cm
  • Thighs- 59cm (25 inches)   Thighs- 56.5cm (22 inches)  Loss of 2.5cm
  • Weight- 67.3kg                 Weight- 64.3kg                  Loss of three kilos
  • BMI- 21.94                        BMI- 21.00                         Loss of .94
In case you didn't believe me...

Favourite juice- apple, lemon, cos lettuce, celery, silverbeet, parsley and cucumber
I loved this one as firstly, it's something  I would order on my own anyway if I were buying fresh juice. And secondly, it just feels clean and you can tell it's doing good for your system once you've drunk it. While it doesn't sound appealing the taste is neither fruity nor vegetable-y; it's just very neutral and seems to agree with my body.

Least favourite juice- Coconut milk, raw cashews, vanilla bean, agave nectar, cinnamon and water
Strangely, this was my favourite one on the first day. I think it was just a novelty as I was used to eating whatever I wanted, so that first day it was the closest thing to chocolate or something sugary tasting. But by the second night I found it really hard to swallow. I even ditched it on the fourth night.

What I've discovered
  • The most obvious conclusion I've come to is that I eat far too much, too often. I'm really going to try and listen to my body and eat only when I get hungry. Not when I look at the clock and realise it's lunchtime. Or morning tea. Or the time between morning tea and lunch....or the time between dinner and bedtime.
  • I'm definitely going to cut out beer. I've been thinking about my drinking habits and I've noticed in the past few months the times I feel absolutely wretched are after a day/night drinking beer. It's always been after going to the cricket or the footy or spending a night out with male friends. All the nights I've had out with female friends we usually drink cocktails and/or champagne. I've had no headache, no puffy eyes and no bloating the next day. Apparently I am allergic to yeast so duh- that might be a good indication. Not sure how I'm going to survive the footy season without beer. Bye bye Pure Blonde, my love.
  • Soft drink is a really obvious one for me. Straight away after drinking coke I feel awful and bloated, and for how glowy my skin is, and how bright my eyes are now it's not worth the taste I love for how gross it makes me feel. This will be tough, but I'll try.
  • Salt. I'm such a bandit for salt. To me, salt, garlic and butter are not ingredients; they're obsessions. A way of life. I cannot fathom a world without them. Of course butter isn't great in excess, but I guess I can avoid it for the most part- but salt is in everything. This one will be tough.
  • Processed food- aarggghhhhh seriously I love hotdogs sooo much. I know they're foul but I'm addicted. Footy season without beer and hotdogs? Next you'll tell me I'm not allowed to actually watch the games.
So I think that's it. They're my only, well my main bad eating habits. Like I said yesterday I'm not going to give up alcohol, it's unrealistic for me. But I think cutting out beer will help. I won't stop eating chocolate but I'll try just to have dark and less often than I'd normally have it.

Eventually I'll get back into eating red meat, but a friendly email reminder about how to come off the detox suggests holding back on red meat, pork and pork products and turkey for a while.
It is also suggested that the next week be seen as a somewhat semi-detox where you ease back into regular eating.

I think I should take this advice as it would be silly to waste all that effort.

So that means plenty of fruit and vegies, grains, beans, green tea and water and small amounts of chicken, eggs, dairy and soy.

Let's see if I can keep this up!
Thanks for following me on my journey, who is going to book the Urban Remedy cleanse next?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a shame we're coming into Winter...

I went on tonight for the first time in weeks! I've been too busy putting my Winter wardrobe together to think about looking at Summer stuff, but OMG. There's some really beautiful pieces around. Damn the fact I'm searching for Winter boots right now!

It's no secret that I luuurve me some Miu Miu and these below are my pic of the bunch:

Platforms- £300
Sandals- £300
Blue bag- £979
White bag- £234.04

I think I'll have to email this post to whichever of my friends/family is heading to Europe next. For them....of course *cough*

What are you loving at the moment? Either things you need or un-feasible, un-seasonable items?

Urban Remedy day 4

There's no point even doing an hourly run down today, it's just been a blur.
I'm up to day four and I'm starting to get a little bit over it to be honest! I'm not hungry at all, I'm feeling great. Fresh, awake, alive. But it's getting a bit depressing not being able to eat.

I had another breakfast event today (see Bloom Organics range launch below) and it was horrible having to give up everything that was put under my nose.

However, it's not all bad news. The difference I've noticed between today and yesterday (that makes me think the five day program is more beneficial than the three day program) is that I've really come to appreciate fresh produce.

I do eat healthy meals generally, it's just the snacking I have an issue with. I'll eat a big salad with chicken for lunch and then go and buy two curly wurlys, a packet of chips and a coke for afternon tea. It's ridiculous.
And obviously we are all warned about what soft drinks do to your skin, but I can't help it.
Now being off them- and all the other junk- for 4 days I've noticed how much better my skin is, how much clearer my eyes are and how my energy levels are through the roof.

I must admit I have been planning my first meal for Saturday morning very carefully. This is because not only does it need to taste good and be satisfying, but it also can't be too heavy or be full of ingredients that will mean I revert back to my old ways automatically.

As much as I'd love to head down to maccas and get a quarter pounder with a Dominos BBQ meatlovers pizza chaser, it's just stupid and a waste of time, money and ultimately, my health.

I'm not saying I won't eat Maccas again. I know I'll drink alcohol again. Hell, I already have social engagements lined up for next week! But I really will try and change my ways.

So, so far I've decided something like corn fritters with tomato, avocado, some mushrooms and a good rye toast might be a nice start. (Yes, I was inspired by the breakfast this morning)

One more day to go and I'll be posting up my measurements, weight and other results tomorrow to see if there have been any changes in that department.

What would you have as your first meal after not eating for five days? And who else has booked in for the Urban Remedy cleanse? I read on twitter they're selling out quickly!

Bloom Organics range

Stepping off the street in what can normally be a grotty and unpleasant suburb and into a rustic and homely paradise this morning was a real treat.
Being the lucky girl I am I got to attend the Bloom Organics launch with Sassisam and it could not have been executed with any more class or attention to detail.

Guests mingled over their morning lattes in the courtyard which had been fitted out with loads of succulents and flowers, tealight candles and of course, the new Bloom Organics range.

Inside the picturesque cottage, long tables were dressed to perfection with the floral theme continuing on in what felt like a breakfast amongst friends in the country.

We  Everyone who wasn't doing the Urban Remedy cleanse ate the most divine tasting looking food including fresh Fruit platters, Bircher Muesli with blueberries and apple, Rocket and Egg salad, Corn fritters, homemade crumpets that were delivered to the table hot and dripping with butter and honey and custard apple muffins which smelled of honey jumble biscuits.

Now, I have been following Bloom since I was a dot (I'm only 22 now) and I've always admired founder Natalie Bloom's audacity in the saturated beauty industry.
Her strategy has always been to make a "safe and stable" product and this has obviously worked for her as she continues to fill the niche demanded by the consumer.

Natalie spoke this morning of how she wanted the organic range to fit in with the already existing range from Bloom which is Australian made, not tested on animals, is free of added nasties like parabins, sulphates and artificial colours and additives and I from what I have seen the Bloom Organics range is a perfect addition to this holistic family.

Included in this range is:
  • All Purpose Body Balm $28.00
  • Soothing Lip Balm $14.95
  • Rosehip oil $25.00
  • Gentle Hand and Body Wash $38.00
  • A range of essential oils $28.00
  • Scented and unscented soaps $19.95
  • Hand Cream $28.00
  • Hydrating Body Lotion $38.00
  • Exfoliating Towel $6.95
The products go through a strict and official testing process to bare the Australian Certified Organic logo meaning that they have 95% organic products which meet the standards of the ACO. Out of the 19 products in the Bloom Organics range, 16 of these have been deemed certifiably organic. The remaining three products are at least 80% certified organic content.

Bloom isn't out to lie to the consumer. They, as a business, are out to deliver a green product to those who are asking for it. Natalie believes that, just like with food, consumers deserve the choice between Organic and non-Organic products.

As a company they are taking some exciting initiatives toward a greener planet by using Vegetable based inks for their printing, Carbon neutral practises when making their packaging and a recycling program is coming later in the year. Even the invitations to the event were emailed!

With this bold green move that Bloom will take; it means they will be seen in not only major department stores and pharmacists, but also in healthfood stores, cafes and restaurants and a health retreat. They are also branching out to TVSN which means this wonderful product is more accessible to those wishing to change their ways.

This is how Natalie feels about Organic products; that it's "not a trend, it's a lifestyle", and now with these beautiful home and body products you can take a large step into not only putting healthy produce into your body, but surrounding yourself with it.

Also worth noting, the packaging which Natalie described as having "a fresh spirit that bursts with style and personality". The floral prints were done by David Bond, and some of the original artworks used in the final the packaging can be seen on the wall in my pictures above.

I think so far my favourite product is the Gentle Hand and Body Wash. A generous sized pump bottle, pretty enough to be next to your bathroom basin or kitchen sink that oozes a relaxing scent but perks you up with the zingy orange overtone.

It is Natalie Bloom's wish to be the top green performing beauty brand, and I think she's well on her way with this one.

Bloom Organics range will be available April 2010. See for more information

As usual, my ouftit:

Jacket- Review
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Pants- Zambesi
Shoes- Jean-Michel Cazabat
Bag- Chanel
Headband- Alannah Hill

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urban Remedy day 3

7am- I woke sprung up out of bed. I've never felt more awake. Except for when my brother woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers.
I notice my skin is clearer and my eyes are whiter, brighter and bigger.

8am- I stupidly forget to have my lemon water, but I'm also on my way to an event so I know it's more important to get my juice down before all that food is served that I will have to turn away.
I'm pleased to find a different juice for breakfast. This one has orange in it and tastes like something I would probably order from a shop anyway.

9am- Absolute murder having to turn down a hot breakkie. I sip water throughout the event and relish home time so I can have my juice.

11:30am- By the time I get home I'm not actually that hungry. I think what this feeling is is actually craving the feeling of solid food. I don't have hunger pains or feel dizzy or weak but I just want to chew on something.
I drink my juice fairly slowly which is a nice change from gulping it down for the past two days.

2pm- I see a movie and take my third juice so sip on. I'm not even feeling it so it takes me the duration of the movie (pretty much) to get it down.

5pm- Next juice. Again, I just sip on this over about half an hour because I'm not feeling that immediate urge to have something in my stomach. I'm off to another even though and I'm worried about the tempting food and drink.

6pm- I'm at an event centred around footy and, appropriately, party pies (excellent quality ones with huge chunks of meat) are being served as well as cheese platters (noooooooooooooo) and I stand there with my bottle of water cursing everyone to hell. In my mind, of course.

8pm- Hankering for my next juice by this time. I get home to find it's my least favourite lemon and cayenne pepper. Granted, over the past three days I have noticed this one becoming tastier. It's not the flavours of it I don't like, it's just a little bland for me. If this were a sauce with a bit of garlic and coriander and had been smothered over some chicken breasts and popped on the barbie, I'd be loving it.
Speaking of BBQs...when I got home one of my neighbours was having one. I almost started crying. Sausaaaaaggeeessss. I want.

I think I'm going to have my sixth juice as soon as I can and head to bed two hours later. I have an early morning and while I'm feeling clean, I'm also feeling a bit sooky and just want to forget about food.
As much as I feel good, I keep thinking maybe three days was enough? I wonder how much better I will feel tomorrow and Friday?!

Exercise: none unfortunately. Missed my class to go to the Dermalogica event
Relaxation: 30 minutes full body massage
Circulation boosting: 5 Minutes dry body scrubbing

Overall feeling: 9/10

One week left to enter my competition!

There's only one week left to enter my 100th follower competition.

To enter click on that extremely professional heart graphic above the 'about me' section. Can you tell I made it on Microsoft paint? Nope, didn't think so. Slick.

Just to recap...the prizes are:

-Signed copy of Luke Mangan's At home and in the mood cookbook
-Lydia Jewels 'Marlo' necklace
-A set of Joico K- PAK sun therapy hair products
-Hello Kitty umbrella

Get entering!

Breakfast with Jane Wurwand- Founder of Dermalogica

This morning I was lucky enough to go along to a special event with Sassisam where Jane Wurwand, the found and owner of Dermalogica, spoke to guests about starting up her mega skin therapy brand.

Being a lover of all things Dermalogica (thankfully my local beauty salon stock and endorse the products and are all trained Dermalogica therapists) I knew she was going to be fabulous. Then I spotted she was wearing Robert Clergerie wedges (As you know, Robert Clergerie is my most favourite shoe designer) and THEN she gave a fantastic, inspiring talk which included a pun about Enya.


Jane gave us an insightful view to her background not only in in the beauty biz, but also her up bringing and what motivated her to get to the place she is at today.

We learnt of her mantra- which is that being succesful isn't about balance but about resilience- as she talked us through the challenges the beauty industry faced during the recession. Dermalogica was one of the lucky (or was it skill?) brands that was barely affected.

Started in 1983 with only 3 staff members and $14,000, Dermalogica has become the number one professional skin care line worldwide with 1423 staff in 2010. It is stocked in 23,000 salons in 51 countries worldwide- so there's no excuses not to pick some up- and all staff who use the  28 million products shipped worldwide into salons must be trained in using them.

This is what we left with today- that Jane and her tribe are serious about skin care. Not beauty. An early ad campaign read 'We are not pretty'. Signifying Dermalogica's attitude to the way the majority of the beauty industry likes to focus on prettying up campaigns instead of getting back to basics and giving people what they actually need; which is a solution to skin care issues.

I was touched when she said she wasn't particularly interested in people with good skin as she simply wants to transform the skin of those who suffer from acne, breakouts and pigmentation. It really shows she is passionate about her product and using it to give people longterm closure rather than just an hour massage in a room full of pretty smelling candles. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that's not what Dermalogica are about)

Some exciting advancements are the iPhone applications which include face mapping to help choose the products which suit you best and one that is coming soon which will direct you to where you can buy the products (kind of like the apps which help you find restaurants).

There is also a new feature coming to products called 'print to click' where you take a photo of the label and all the information on that product will be sent to your phone. Crazy clever, huh?

One thing I'm praying we get here in Australia are the microzones where you pop in for 20 minutes- no appointments necessary- and have exactly what you want done. Have a date that night? Get an express exfoliation. Pesky outbreak? 20 minute extraction, please.

How awesome is that?

Dermalogica isn't only for women either. I buy my brother their shaving kits which are really handy and include everything a guy needs for a proper process to shave all in a little box for around $55.
They've also introduced a tweens and teens line called Cleanstart to educate pre-teens on skin care. This is so important. Skin issues can be so treacherous on teens and informing them of healthy and correct procedures for skincare at a young age can make a huge difference to their well-being.

The breakfast was a really lovely experience. Not only was Jane funny and warm, but she was so humble and kept saying "we're not clever" (referring to her savvy business moves) but I beg to differ.

Unfortunately I couldn't eat or drink anything (day 3 of my Urban Remedy cleanse) but I got to watch everyone feast on mini banana smoothies and the teensiest, cutest fruit salads you've ever seen, a selection of pastries, scrambled eggs (which looked so herb-y and delicious), ciabatta, big field mushrooms, tomato and asparagus. Way to tempt a girl.

Guests walked away with a goody bag including Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel (RRP$53.00), Daily Microfoliant (RRP$83.50) and Total eye care SPF15($68.50) which are three of Jane's favourite products. And judging by her radiant skin (I could see it glowing from metres away) I'm very keen to get this on my face!

Me with Jane Wurwand

Jacket- Trelise Cooper
Dress- no name brand
Bag- Miu Miu
Headband- Miu Miu
Shoes- Midas

For more information about Dermalogica and their stockists head to

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Urban Remedy day 2

Today was supposed to be the tough one. Urban Remedy even sent a reminder email about how to cope with the withdrawals and grogginess you may encounter on day two of the cleanse.
The frightening list included headaches, running nose, dry mouth, diarrhea and constipation. Lucky for me, I didn't encounter a single one. (Actually, that's a lie...I'll explain later)

My dog even got involved by sporting the Urban Remedy sticker from my cooler bag on her tail:

(oohhh! I was just about to post this and the intercom went- My next 3 days of juices have arrived. I went to hand my cooler bags back but he said to 'throw them out'. NEVER! They're adorable! I even walked around Bondi Junction with mine yesterday with my phone in the front pocket.)

Here's a run down of how today went.

8:30am- mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon and a few glasses of water

9am- Juice one. This went down easily, much like the first juice yesterday. The same sentiments apply; it was a good way to start the cleanse and today I'm pleased that I'm beginning my day with something so clean tasting.

11am- Juice number two. This tasted sweeter today than it did yesterday. Perhaps it is my body clutching at straws and trying to taste anything sugary?

 12:30pm- I realise it is almost time for juice 3 so I have some more green tea. So far, I havent experienced any of the expected withdrawal symptoms, which gives me more faith in my own personal health habits. Maybe I am not as bad as I thought I was?
Still half a day to go yet. Plus I have an event to go to later so if they are serving any food or alcohol it will be a real test. I havent had any cravings at this point of the day either, yesterday by this time I had already wanted to fight a man for his Rogan Josh and almost picked up the leftovers off another man's plate after he finished with his chicken schnitty baguette.   

1pm - I was getting a bit starey and gazing at nothing so I thought I needed to perk myself up a bit. I told myself I was going to "eat" my lunch outside and since this is the one thats a little grainy, I closed my eyes as I sipped and chewed. I actually felt the parsley and mint between my teeth. I found this made me "eat" it slower and enjoy it, and I felt like I was actually eating a salad. I was still a bit hungry (some bastard in my house was cooking spag bol for their dinner- NB yesterday I said I was craving it. hhmmmm) and for some odd reason I noticed my thumb smelled of freshly baked cookies and the back of my hand of custard tarts. So for dessert, I placed my hand under my nose for a few minutes and pretended I was eating lovely sugar and carbs. I feel like I'm on a super-model diet,  but now I am totally full.

3pm- By now I'm about to leave home for an event. I have the fourth juice and vow to sit on water all arvo.
It could not have been worse. Among other delicious morsels Lychee cocktails, Duck pancakes, fetta and mushroom bruschetta and sushi were being served. OK, so I could have done without the sushi- but man the rest of it looked good!
I declined every large platter that was put under my nose. And died a little inside each time.
Speaking of dying a little bit inside- my only withdrawl symptom (it's not confirmed but it's not like I'm going to go around asking people)- I felt like my breath would stink today. My mouth was a bit dry and I was terrified of speaking to people in case it did. Luckily the only people I spoke to knew I was doing the cleanse so hopefully they'll forgive me if this was indeed the case. I promise I have good dental hygiene!

6pm- I don't even remember this happening as it happened so fast. That fifth juice was gone in mere seconds. I was starving by this point. And when I say I've been hungry or starving it's not to the point where I might faint, it's just the feeling of an empty tummy.
I'm glad to have this feeling, though. Usually I'm such a grazer and I never get hunger pangs. But really, we are supposed to get them. That's when we're meant to eat. I would really like to re-train myself to eat when I'm hungry and not because another hour has passed and it's acceptable for me to eat again.

7pm- Caving in and having my final juice only an hour after the last one. I think it might work out timing wise though as you should drink your sixth juice at least two hours before bedtime and I need to have an early one tonight.

All in all, a good day, I think. I stood up to the drool-worthy canapes and cocktails and only had a few moments of insanity staring into space.
Day two:
Exercise- None
Relaxation- 45 minute full body massage
Circulation boosting- 5 minutes of dry body scrubbing

Overall feeling- 7/10

Monday, March 22, 2010

Urban Remedy day 1

I'm not going to lie- I slept terribly last night. Tossing and turning and thinking "what if it's a bad idea?" "What if I react badly to it and need to vomit while I'm in a swimming pool" and other such nonsense.
But when I actually got up to begin my day, I was back to being excited.

9am: I started off with a big mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in it. Then I drank the first juice which was made up Spinach and Cucumber; among other things.
I felt that this was a great juice to start the cleanse with. It had a very crisp and clean taste which told the brain that what you were putting into your body was healthy. I think if I had been given one of the more fruity or thicker juices to begin with, my body would have thought it was just a normal day.

Normally on a Monday I'll have a late (10am-ish) breakfast of toast or cereal and then have more food at around 11:30am. I'm talking a big Hot Chocolate and either a bowl of fruit salad or sometimes a ham and cheese croissant or a toasted sandwich.

I'm one of those people who just eats and eats and eats, so naturally I was scared that having only juice wouldn't be enough.

12pm: Drank my second, beetroot based juice. I was only just beginning to feel a little hungry. I was also on my way to St Vincent's Hospital which has THE BEST carrot cake in the entire world. True Story. I had to walk past the cafeteria with my eyes closed.

2pm: Time for my third juice. I must admit that by now I really was quite hungry but on a normal day I would have had a big lunch by this time (a couple of sandwiches or a chicken salad and heaps of chocolate etc) and as soon as I downed the juice I was feeling much better.
This was the first time I had taken the advice of Urban Remedy to swish the juice around my mouth to simulate chewing.
The juice itself was very tasty. This is going to sound a bit gross, but it tasted like curry. That's actually a good thing by the way. Especially since I'd seen a guy eating curry an hour earlier and was craving it. (Maybe it was in my mind?)
I don't even know why it tasted like Curry, it had cucumber, parsley, mint and other things in it- nothing curry related.
The juice was quite grainy, it had a bit of residue when I had finished the bottle. This one felt thicker and made for good oral satisfaction (ha) as it felt like I was eating actual solid food.

I've found the day goes alot quicker being broken down into two hours slots. If it was only three juices per day I don't think I would be handling this so well.

4pm: I went to see a movie so I took juice number four in lieu of popcorn. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the taste of this one. It was lemon based, and I like lemon-y things to be really strong and tart. This juice was a little dulled down and I found it a bit harder to swallow. It may have been a mental thing too because I was at the movies and wasn't eating 'movie' food.

6pm: I started to get really hungry just before this juice. I ran inside and drank it down really quickly. It was fairly similar to the breakfast juice, but didn't have the spinach nor that real 'clean' feeling. I followed this with some sugar-free, decaffeinated, green tea from Aveda- my favourite tea.

8pm: Time for my last juice. This was the one which I mentioned was almost like a dessert. It has almonds, cashews, cinnamon and vanilla and like the 3rd juice, is quite grainy and thick.
It is absolutely delicious! A good amount of cinnamon flavour so it tastes like cinnamon toast or big red gum (actually, probably more subtle than big red gum) and you can definitely taste the individual flavours of the almonds and the cashews when you swish the juice around your mouth.
It is also recommended that this juice be used as a filler throughout the day for those that get hungry. I'm glad I saved this for the end of the night, though. It really did feel like I was having a treat which is a good way to cut those cravings down.

So far so good with the cleanse. Day one wasn't hard, I was only hungry a few times toward the end of the day overall.
Apparently day two is the hardest, so I'm really looking forward to it. There is talk of headaches and cravings, but I've decided if I get a headache I won't be succumbing to pain killers- not that I normally do anyway, but I've got my trusty Hello Kitty cool pack I can put on my head until it goes away.

Day one:
Exercise- 45 minutes Aquaerobics
Relaxation- 30 minutes full body massage
Circulation boosting- 5 minutes of dry body scrubbing

Cravings: Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curry, Chicken Salad (in particular the one from the Antique Centre at Moore Park)

Overall feeling- 8/10

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pre Urban Remedy cleanse measurements- I begin tomorrow!

So, as you know, tomorrow I begin my Urban Remedy detox.
The juices were delivered this afternoon and I'm all ready to go. My nervousness has turned into excitement now that I've seen how tasty the juices look. I kept pulling them out and reading the ingredients going "oohh...I can't wait for this one" and then saying the same thing with each juice I pulled out.
Juice number six looks like a real treat, with coconut, cinammon, vanilla bean and cashews; it almost sounds like a dessert!

I've decided to get personal and post my measurements so we can see if there's a difference in size/weight. I don't mind if I don't lose weight, but since I'm reviewing the cleanse I'm sure people will be keen to know and it would be interesting to find out for a later date.

Bust: 92cm (36 inches)
Waist: 69cm (27inches)
Hips: 90.5cm (35inches)
Thighs: 59cm (25inches)

BMI: 21.94 (according to Wii Fit)
Weight: 67.3kg (according to Wii Fit)
Height: 177cm (5'10")

I'll post measurements again on Friday to see the difference, if any.

How cute do the juices look in their little cooler bags? Being a Cancerian I love symmetry and boxy kind of shapes that all fit together.

I love the little booklet tucked in the front pocket, too. It's got all the handy hints like recommended times to have your juices, other things you should try and do to enhance the detox (such as massage and dry brushing to increase blood flow) and a number to call if you need help. Also the most important rule for me- EATING IS CHEATING.
I'm determined not to eat during this cleanse. I don't think you will be able to see the complete benefits if you do and I'm not a quitter so I'll try my damndest to be strong.

So here goes...come back tomorrow night as I document day one.
And if you'd like to do your own detox, check out for more information!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The girl with the floral headband and the enormous appetite

This afternoon I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish film adaptation of the best selling book by Steig Larsson.
I haven't actually read the book, I had no idea what it was about, but I have all these free movie tickets I needed to use up and a quick scan of wikipedia made it sound pretty good.
It was absolutely fantastic. There were some really heavy rape and violence scenes which were disturbing, but the perps get their come uppance, so there's some restitution not only for the characters but also for the audience's peace of mind.
Apparently there's a Hollywood version of this movie being made, but I think it might be ruined if it's out of it original context.
I don't want to stereotype but the whole story has that Joseph Fritzl, prolonged abuse, incest type of theme so it kind of suits being set in Europe. SORRY. I really don't mean the generalise, but I think you'll agree if you see it.

Anyway, I highly recommend it. I covered my eyes a bit, so if you don't like violence or rape (I certainly hope you don't like rape) then be ready to look down at some points.

After the movie I went to one of my favourite restaurants- Glass. You've heard/read me harp on a million times about it, and about Luke Mangan (you can win a signed copy of his book in my giveaway here)

There were a few things new things on the menu I wanted to try including one new dessert (I've tried every one of them now).
Sorry my pictures are so bad- I'm no good at taking photos/my camera is crap. If you want to see gorgeous photos of food see the beautiful work of Lorraine at and Helen of (it's not just their photos that are good, they've both got amazing food and entertaining blogs which are worth a look/drool over.

Amusee Bouche was a sesame beef with lebanese dressing and it was divine. I could have eaten a whole meal of that. It was cool and edgy. I think that was the cucumber and sesame talking.

For entree I couldn't decide between the Pea tart, haloumi, caramelized fig, baby leek, hazelnut dressing or the Pan fried gnocchi with corn, asparagus, courgette, parmesan and lemon thyme. I've had the gnocchi a few times before and it's such a treat. It's so hard to get gnocchi right and the one at Glass is like fat little pillows that are fried so they're almost crisp on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside.
In the end I decided on Pea tart and one of my dining companions lost half their gnocchi to my belly. Glutton? What glutton?
The pea tart was delicious. The pea flavour was creamy and subtle and there was plentiful haloumi which I was pleased about. (I'm no stranger to eating an entire block in one sitting) The tart casing was delicate and crispy but the whole meal was filling in all. The pretty little nasturtiums placed on top almost made the dish too cute to eat. But it didn't stop me from gobbling it up.

For main it was an easy choice. Normally I have steak but the Veal backstrap grabbed me instantly. I never used to be a fan of veal until I made the rookie mistake of ordering a frittata at Ginger Room in Canberra when everyone else got Veal and I missed out like woah. From then on I've decided I won't ever pass up veal again. GOOD DECISION, MARLO.
I believe this is one of the newer dishes (???) but I hope it's a stayer. It's full description is Casino NSW veal backstrap with mustard crust, veal breast, soubise, fig and baby courgette.
I was expecting something a little different from the crust. I imagined it to be heavily...peppered almost. But I think that's because in my mind I always envisage mustard as seeded mustard. So the crust seemed more like a crispy-formerly-creamy consistency. It also wasn't very thick which is probably a good thing because the veal  literally melted in my mouth and anything more flavourful would have overpowered it.

My dessert was the best of all. And not just the best of the meal, I think actually THE. BEST. DESSERT. EVER.
I had Violet ice cream, peach, white chocolate cream and honey comb and it was simply delectable.
The ice cream was bright purple topped with peaches covered in toffee with a strip of crumbled honeycomb and finished with the white chocolate cream. There was also some kind of wafer sandwiching the ice cream and I like to think it was Holy bread. I believe this because the dessert was miraculous, blessed, heaven-sent and any other Holy puns you can think of.
I wondered if the violet ice cream would be light because I think it's a flavour that can be hit and miss. But it was actually quite strong- in a good way. The white chocolate cream and honeycomb were quite muted, though so the ice cream could afford to be strong.

I left so full and satisfied. I want more of that dessert (despite it being a really generous portion). No alcohol for me tonight either as I need to get in preparation for my Urban Remedy detox next week! Eeepp no more yummy solid foods for 5 days. Make sure you check back to follow my progress.

As usual, I've got pics of my outy too:

Anorak- Lover
Singlet- Supre
Shorts- Kookai
Sandals- Midas
Belt- Alannah Hill
Headband- Alannah Hill
Bag- Miu Miu