Thursday, March 18, 2010

100th follower giveaway!

YAY! Finally made it to 100 followers. I swear those last 20 or so just dragged on. The good news is now the competition to celebrate can begin!

I know I kept the prizes a secret, but I said I would announce them once I had 100 followers so here goes...

  • Signed copy of Luke Mangan's most recent cookbook- At Home and in the mood. Even MY copy isn't signed so I'm a bit jealous. You may have seen me gush over this book before on this blog. To see my reviews click here. Thanks to Luke Mangan for donating this great prize. To eat at his establishments in Sydney (Glass), Melbourne (The Palace) and Tokyo (Salt and World Wine bar) check out

  • Next we have a gorgeous 'Marlo' necklace from Lydia Jewels. Befitting given that my name is Marlo. GET OUT OF TOWN! But seriously, I have this necklace (in black and gold) and it's so pretty and comfortable to wear. It's a bit glam while still being a great everyday piece. The winner will receive a purple and silver necklace that features frosted rose detailing with a beautiful light purple swarovski crystal drop. This has been generously donated by Lydia and you can see some of her other pieces here or the complete range at
I've talked about hair care previously and how I swear by the Joico K-Pak sun therapy range, particularly for those who swim or spend lots of time outdoors. Well, for the winner of this prize I have a set of products including nourishing shampoo, treatment mask and protective sun milk kindly donated by Hush communications. To see all the products from Joico, view

  • Lastly, I've included an adorable pink Hello Kitty umbrella. Since the title of the blog is all about cuteness, and she is one of my favourite things I thought it was a nice tie in. Plus, it's not too cutesy if the winner isn't that into Hello Kitty. You can just put your hand over her face and pretend she isn't there haha. The picture is of MY HK umbrella, but the winner's will be the same, just with a tag and plastic around it and without my fingerprints/DNA on it. See how cute it is?!
The rules
To be eligible to win this prize you must:

-Be a follower of my blog
-Comment on this post (anything at all)

I will post the prize anywhere in the world, so anybody can join. And if you don't have a blog, but want to follow you can still sign up through google, facebook and twitter I think.

For EXTRA chances to win you can:
-Tweet about the competition with a link to my blog (@reply @marloperry so I see it)
-Blog about the competition yourself
-Facebook about the competition

If you do one of the last two, either link me here, or email a print screen to and I will add the extra entries into the hat.
I will literally put all the names in a hat and I guarantee you it will be a fabulous one.

The competition will run until the 31st March and I will announce the winner on the 1st April!
I think that's it...any questions, ask away. And good luck to everyone! Thanks for following and supporting me :-D


  1. Ooo...great prizes you have here!

  2. I love prizes! Im going to comment, tweet and facebook it!!!! yay!!! <3

  3. Wow, so impressed with the prizes!! I've got my fingers crossed... :)

  4. yeeeess! Have followed your blog for ages (in my favourites bar) but had to figure out how to do this!!

  5. i dont mind if i dont win a prize, but i enjoy reading your blogs and your comment about covering hk face made me laugh.

  6. Does that mean you dont want to be in the comp, Chocsweat?
    I am so silly, I forgot to mention when it ends, too! Ill give it to the end of the month- 31st March and announce the winner on 1st April. :)

  7. Hehe yeah give someone else a better chance. Hope this gives me a karma star.

  8. Just read your Lady Gaga review, the concert looks fantastic and I love your outfit.

  9. Great prizes! I don't have a blog, but I've added yours to my Google Reader and I just sent you a Twitter follow request :)

    Cheers, Flick

  10. great prize he is a great chef

  11. Great prizes! Count me in :-)

  12. Amazing prizes, I definitely want a shot! :)

  13. Love the lydia necklace! Thanks for linking these, I'm going to go and have a look at the website...supposed to be on a spending ban but they are too cute!

  14. Such gorgeous prizes!

    I've just found your blog and it's beautiful... I've been reading it all afternoon!

  15. I'm following on my google account... hope it shows up! Great prizes :D

  16. LOVE this umbrella!! I used to have one with a print of HK's one true love daniel but it got lost when I moved house and it's yet to be found!

    That was 2 years ago. I've given up hope :(

  17. She turned to the man beside her, in the down pour, and said; "You know my love, I think the clock has turned, and turned, and turned and now I'm left standing here without my umbrella!" He replied; "Darling, sunshine, sweet, I am as loyal as the monsoon!" She turned her head to the road, looked back at him and kissed his lips like light rain. She hailed a cab, and was gone forever more.

    (: How's that for a comment? Haha. Some poetry just for you. (: if you ever want more - or if anyone does - just give me a bell churr?

  18. Hi Marlo,
    I forgot to let you know that I also twittered about the comp. I made sure to @reply to your username but can you confirm whether or not it will be included in the draw? Thanks :)

  19. Hi Jen, yes I got it, thankyou! Sorry, I meant to reply back to you but forgot. Will be drawing the winner on Thursday

  20. Thanks Marlo! I have my fingers crossed :)

  21. hello. hope i'm not too late to enter into the comp. i've been reading your blog since you first started (i have to thank my sister for giving me the link- i think she said she followed you from the vogue forums!) but never though i could follow via gmail.

    by the way, i think i've seen you before on my uni campus. i might be wrong, i've since graduated and my memory is hazy but usyd perhaps?

  22. loving your blog and super cute outfit posts

  23. Of course it's not too late!

    The competition officially closes tonight (31st March) but if someone from OS entered while I was asleep it wouldn't matter.

    I'll be drawing it tomorrow morning, so as long as it's in by then.


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