Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bloom Organics range

Stepping off the street in what can normally be a grotty and unpleasant suburb and into a rustic and homely paradise this morning was a real treat.
Being the lucky girl I am I got to attend the Bloom Organics launch with Sassisam and it could not have been executed with any more class or attention to detail.

Guests mingled over their morning lattes in the courtyard which had been fitted out with loads of succulents and flowers, tealight candles and of course, the new Bloom Organics range.

Inside the picturesque cottage, long tables were dressed to perfection with the floral theme continuing on in what felt like a breakfast amongst friends in the country.

We  Everyone who wasn't doing the Urban Remedy cleanse ate the most divine tasting looking food including fresh Fruit platters, Bircher Muesli with blueberries and apple, Rocket and Egg salad, Corn fritters, homemade crumpets that were delivered to the table hot and dripping with butter and honey and custard apple muffins which smelled of honey jumble biscuits.

Now, I have been following Bloom since I was a dot (I'm only 22 now) and I've always admired founder Natalie Bloom's audacity in the saturated beauty industry.
Her strategy has always been to make a "safe and stable" product and this has obviously worked for her as she continues to fill the niche demanded by the consumer.

Natalie spoke this morning of how she wanted the organic range to fit in with the already existing range from Bloom which is Australian made, not tested on animals, is free of added nasties like parabins, sulphates and artificial colours and additives and I from what I have seen the Bloom Organics range is a perfect addition to this holistic family.

Included in this range is:
  • All Purpose Body Balm $28.00
  • Soothing Lip Balm $14.95
  • Rosehip oil $25.00
  • Gentle Hand and Body Wash $38.00
  • A range of essential oils $28.00
  • Scented and unscented soaps $19.95
  • Hand Cream $28.00
  • Hydrating Body Lotion $38.00
  • Exfoliating Towel $6.95
The products go through a strict and official testing process to bare the Australian Certified Organic logo meaning that they have 95% organic products which meet the standards of the ACO. Out of the 19 products in the Bloom Organics range, 16 of these have been deemed certifiably organic. The remaining three products are at least 80% certified organic content.

Bloom isn't out to lie to the consumer. They, as a business, are out to deliver a green product to those who are asking for it. Natalie believes that, just like with food, consumers deserve the choice between Organic and non-Organic products.

As a company they are taking some exciting initiatives toward a greener planet by using Vegetable based inks for their printing, Carbon neutral practises when making their packaging and a recycling program is coming later in the year. Even the invitations to the event were emailed!

With this bold green move that Bloom will take; it means they will be seen in not only major department stores and pharmacists, but also in healthfood stores, cafes and restaurants and a health retreat. They are also branching out to TVSN which means this wonderful product is more accessible to those wishing to change their ways.

This is how Natalie feels about Organic products; that it's "not a trend, it's a lifestyle", and now with these beautiful home and body products you can take a large step into not only putting healthy produce into your body, but surrounding yourself with it.

Also worth noting, the packaging which Natalie described as having "a fresh spirit that bursts with style and personality". The floral prints were done by David Bond, and some of the original artworks used in the final the packaging can be seen on the wall in my pictures above.

I think so far my favourite product is the Gentle Hand and Body Wash. A generous sized pump bottle, pretty enough to be next to your bathroom basin or kitchen sink that oozes a relaxing scent but perks you up with the zingy orange overtone.

It is Natalie Bloom's wish to be the top green performing beauty brand, and I think she's well on her way with this one.

Bloom Organics range will be available April 2010. See for more information

As usual, my ouftit:

Jacket- Review
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Pants- Zambesi
Shoes- Jean-Michel Cazabat
Bag- Chanel
Headband- Alannah Hill


  1. You look gorgeous. I've strayed away from Bloom over the years but this post makes me want to go and take a look at their new product.

  2. Oh, the packaging alone is so lovely - I've never tried this myself; but I think I should pick some up!

    By the way, I adore your headpiece - so perfect for spring!! :)

  3. Could you please divulge what makeup you wore today?

    I am officially sold on the urban remedy cleanse. you are glowing!

  4. Why thankyou!

    And yes, I do believe my skin is looking more glowy. Definitely clearer. Shows how bad excess salt, soft drink and all that is for your skin... eeep!!

    Today I have on:

    Primer- MAC
    Foundation- Dior fluidtint
    Concealer- Benefit erase paste
    Eyeliner- Dior (not sure of the name, sorry)
    Mascara- Dior Diorshow
    Lipliner- Covergirl outlast smoothwear
    Lipstick- MAC viva glam in lustre (lady gaga colour)
    Bronzer- MAC refined golden
    Blush- Dior Peachy Keen

  5. you look great as usual. Just got my confessions of a concealaholic delivered. I bought this after seeing your link. The packaging is soooooo cute!!!!

  6. Wow. I'm definately gonna check out the organics range. Your Alannah Hill headband is gorgeous.

  7. looking beautiful!! love your outfit!


  8. What is your job Marlo?

    I want!

  9. Sweetie

    I wouldn't be showing off those thunder thighs to the world if I were you.

    Time to try a little more than a detox. Lipo perhaps?

  10. hahah!

    No way would I get lipo! I know someone who had it and she is even bigger now, I think it really messes with people's bodies.

    Besides, I love my legs- they help me dance like Beyonce which = free bottles of champagne being sent over to me in clubs! score!

  11. Your legs are NOT fat Marlo.

    Are you in PR to be invited to these events?


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