Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bowie A/W10 launch

Upon telling people I was invited to Bowie's A/W 2010 launch the immediate response I got was "Bowie is the nicest guy". I cannot tell you how many times I heard this from various people. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet him last night- but if his collection is an extension of his personality, then hotdamn do I believe it!

Taking place at White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale, Sydney, the collection was a mix of all of my favourite things. Ruffles, metallics, sequins and black. Kind of like a fusion of romance and galactica.

Guests including Channel V babes Renee Bargh and Billy Russell, the striking and stunning Nikki Phillips and the gorgeous Maude Garrett saw a collection of sexy and feminine pieces heavily dominated by assymetrical designs and fitted silhouettes with dramatic shoulder and neck adornments. There was also an abundance of leather-look satin which I think will be huge for a modern take on the traditional Autum racewear.

Everytime something came out I'd go "ooh I LOOOOVE this! That's my fave!" and then something even better would come out. *sigh* What's a girl to do?
I've been following Bowie's career for years and still wear and cherish some of my pieces I have from him from back in like, 2004? His design aesthetic has evolved into something really sleek and sophisticated and I can see the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus rocking these on the red carpet one day.

We were also given a look at the new cashmere collection which is simply divine. Every piece is effortless and comfy while still being stylish and classic. This range of knits and cardigans are a must-have for every wardrobe, but my favourite has to be the Kimono (which I only got a vague picture of below) that I must, must, MUST get my hands on. I can see this looking incredible with some leather or structured pants or a puffed blouse flouncing out the sleeves.

Worth noting as well were the hair and makeup. I loved the almost gaffa tape detail around the models' faces and that mixed with the strong eyes balanced out the sharp, tailored look of the clothing.
Sorry my pictures aren't great, I was a bit excited by all the beautiful clothes coming down the run way and I sometimes forgot to get my camera ready. oops.

As for my detox- You will be pleased to know I passed up the free-flowing Chambord cocktails and stuck to Fiji water all night. I did however snack on a million egg and truffle sandwiches. Yuuuuummm.

Have a look at some of the collection below and be sure to head to www.bowie.com.au for stockists and more information on this stunning collection.

I'm obsessed by the Cashmere kimono, the gold dress with the big, black ruffled collar and the white puffball sleeved dress. What are your faves?


  1. the strapless dress with the tutu skirt! ohmigod WANT! boobies will never fit thou

  2. The first dress, the strapless gold one, and the one before it (strapless pink ruffled one), and could I have the man in the last photo? :D
    Just joking. (:
    Mad props to you for being invited!

  3. I was at that show too but backstage just chilling and observing! And you ARE correct- the sandwiches were amazing!!!!

    My friend's mother is part of Bowie's team and helps sew many of his clothes. I have been lucky enough to gotten countless free dresses and jackets because of this. I've also met him and I can tell you now that he is truly a gentleman- so passionate about his work and life in general.

  4. I was so angry I had to miss this last night - angrier now the pictures have started leaking through.

    I'll be making a call about the amazing white gown with huge ruffled collar. That'll be coming to this years RMC Ball for sure.

  5. aw no outfit post?

  6. jealous! how do you get invites to all these events?

  7. Didn't get time to do an outfit post, sorry.

    Besides you've got so many gorgeous outfits to look at from the show!

  8. There are some really cute pieces there! And I'm one of those people that thinks that loves it when really nice people are successful! :D

  9. to Death Wears Diamond Jewellery - Another pic of beth doing a fitting with the white tutu dress

  10. Georgeous. Love your blog:)

    Factory Girl


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