Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breakfast with Jane Wurwand- Founder of Dermalogica

This morning I was lucky enough to go along to a special event with Sassisam where Jane Wurwand, the found and owner of Dermalogica, spoke to guests about starting up her mega skin therapy brand.

Being a lover of all things Dermalogica (thankfully my local beauty salon stock and endorse the products and are all trained Dermalogica therapists) I knew she was going to be fabulous. Then I spotted she was wearing Robert Clergerie wedges (As you know, Robert Clergerie is my most favourite shoe designer) and THEN she gave a fantastic, inspiring talk which included a pun about Enya.


Jane gave us an insightful view to her background not only in in the beauty biz, but also her up bringing and what motivated her to get to the place she is at today.

We learnt of her mantra- which is that being succesful isn't about balance but about resilience- as she talked us through the challenges the beauty industry faced during the recession. Dermalogica was one of the lucky (or was it skill?) brands that was barely affected.

Started in 1983 with only 3 staff members and $14,000, Dermalogica has become the number one professional skin care line worldwide with 1423 staff in 2010. It is stocked in 23,000 salons in 51 countries worldwide- so there's no excuses not to pick some up- and all staff who use the  28 million products shipped worldwide into salons must be trained in using them.

This is what we left with today- that Jane and her tribe are serious about skin care. Not beauty. An early ad campaign read 'We are not pretty'. Signifying Dermalogica's attitude to the way the majority of the beauty industry likes to focus on prettying up campaigns instead of getting back to basics and giving people what they actually need; which is a solution to skin care issues.

I was touched when she said she wasn't particularly interested in people with good skin as she simply wants to transform the skin of those who suffer from acne, breakouts and pigmentation. It really shows she is passionate about her product and using it to give people longterm closure rather than just an hour massage in a room full of pretty smelling candles. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but that's not what Dermalogica are about)

Some exciting advancements are the iPhone applications which include face mapping to help choose the products which suit you best and one that is coming soon which will direct you to where you can buy the products (kind of like the apps which help you find restaurants).

There is also a new feature coming to products called 'print to click' where you take a photo of the label and all the information on that product will be sent to your phone. Crazy clever, huh?

One thing I'm praying we get here in Australia are the microzones where you pop in for 20 minutes- no appointments necessary- and have exactly what you want done. Have a date that night? Get an express exfoliation. Pesky outbreak? 20 minute extraction, please.

How awesome is that?

Dermalogica isn't only for women either. I buy my brother their shaving kits which are really handy and include everything a guy needs for a proper process to shave all in a little box for around $55.
They've also introduced a tweens and teens line called Cleanstart to educate pre-teens on skin care. This is so important. Skin issues can be so treacherous on teens and informing them of healthy and correct procedures for skincare at a young age can make a huge difference to their well-being.

The breakfast was a really lovely experience. Not only was Jane funny and warm, but she was so humble and kept saying "we're not clever" (referring to her savvy business moves) but I beg to differ.

Unfortunately I couldn't eat or drink anything (day 3 of my Urban Remedy cleanse) but I got to watch everyone feast on mini banana smoothies and the teensiest, cutest fruit salads you've ever seen, a selection of pastries, scrambled eggs (which looked so herb-y and delicious), ciabatta, big field mushrooms, tomato and asparagus. Way to tempt a girl.

Guests walked away with a goody bag including Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel (RRP$53.00), Daily Microfoliant (RRP$83.50) and Total eye care SPF15($68.50) which are three of Jane's favourite products. And judging by her radiant skin (I could see it glowing from metres away) I'm very keen to get this on my face!

Me with Jane Wurwand

Jacket- Trelise Cooper
Dress- no name brand
Bag- Miu Miu
Headband- Miu Miu
Shoes- Midas

For more information about Dermalogica and their stockists head to


  1. What an amazing experience! The special cleansing gel and microfoliant are also my favourite products along with the skin smoothing moisturiser.

    Btw, was this held at the Pavilion? I recognise the decor. Such a great place to eat- the barramundi with risotto is divine.

  2. Yes! It was at the Pavilion. Such a great venue, I've never been but I'd heard people rave before and I can see why...


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