Monday, March 8, 2010

Future Music Festival 2010

Join us in the "First Class Lounge" and bask in the superior facilities including private bar's, amenities and stunning views of the main stage from the first class deck. Indulge in a selection of delectable canape's and cocktails as you watch your favourite artists perform live...When you fly Future Music first class we treat you like a rock star with first class service from the moment you enter the departure gates. This truly is the only way to fly.

I should have known from the invitation riddled with spelling mistakes and major grammatical errors that there were going to be big problems.
The 'First Class Lounge' at Future Music Festival was perhaps that of a budget airline that had been hijacked by a bunch of fashion PR bitches.
Drinks that you have to pay for yourself, soggy sandwiches (see picture below) and a melted cupcake are not 'delectable canapes and cocktails'.

                           The sogginess of the sandwich that penetrated the bread, two napkins AND a tablecloth.

It's not like there weren't enough drinks to go around...

Guests at the 'First Class Lounge' included Australia's Next Top Model graduates Demelza Reveley, Jordan Loukas, Tahnee Atkinson and Lola Van Vorst, former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught and hot theclub owner, Julian Tobias.
The beautiful Demelza Reveley, Lola Van Vorst and Tahnee Atkinson

But unfortunately, aside from invited guests there were also tickets available for sale. That is why we saw the likes of the girl below in what was touted as an exclusive and dinstinguished VIP area...

I'll let you work that one out for yourselves.

All I can say is firstly, I'm glad I wasn't one of those who had to pay for the 'privilege' of being in the first class lounge and secondly, I'm so glad I took a friend who has a great sense of humour and can make any situation fun.

The sad thing is that it was a really good layout. Having access to the 'First Class' areas meant that you were in a prime position to watch the fantastic lineup on the main stage. We were able to watch David Guetta, Stafford Brothers, The Prodigy and Franz Ferdinand in a relatively un-crowded space with available seating and the knowledge that we wouldn't get rained on; should the event arise.

There was also an attempt at 'perks'. A Toni & Guy stall had been set up with hairstylists doing people's hair (which was great given how windy and humid it was- lots of people needed touch ups) and my friend Angie got hers done in a beachy, voluminous side- pony in mere minutes which was a nice touch.

It's just a shame that you can be so mislead by an invitation to the point that you feel like you've possibly been directed to the wrong spot.
If there aren't "'delectable canapes and cocktails" on offer, then perhaps the person/people promising such things shouldn't do so in the first place and they should be even more understanding AND accommodating when someone calls their bluff.

But of course, there was the music. 
I was most excited to see The Prodigy, Empire of the Sun, Franz Ferdinand, David Guetta and Spankrock (whom I only found out were playing about 10 minutes before their set began) and out of those I really only got to relax and enjoy David Guetta and Spankrock's whole sets. 

Guetta, predictably, was a crowd pleaser playing his recent hits 'One Love', 'Sexy Bitch' and 'When love takes over' and Franz Ferdinand and The Prodigy were their usual energetic selves. Both of their sets sounded so perfect I thought they hadn't come on stage and that their tracks were just being played prior to them playing live. Crazy-good performers.
Unfortunately I missed out on seeing Empire of the Sun. The venue was so large and with so many good acts playing it all overlapped and was hard to get to everything at once. Duh.

I managed to get into the artist's backstage area, but that was when The Prodigy were on, so any action that might have been going on had pretty much died down.
They had a spa and a caravan in there.
I found $2.60 on the bed. And yes, I did keep it. Let's call it financial remuneration for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Singlet- Vintage tee cut into a singlet
Pants- Alistair Trung
Boots- Dolce & Gabbana
Bag- Dolce & Gabbana
Scarf- Vivienne Westwood
Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton

Edited to add: The event was covered in the Wentworth Courier, they gave it a decent review, so maybe I was totally does seem a little copy and pasted from the invitation, though. Who knows?

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  1. wow. just wow. that girl is classy.

    have you done one of the urban rememdy juice detox thingys? im so intrested in trying one, (when i get a job and can pay for it)

  2. not yet!
    I'm too busy....waiting until I don't have any social engagements so I can just sail through it instead of being like- oops, I'm meant to be going out to dinner tonight.

    I've done a post about it below!

  3. To get a freebie, whinge about it, then take money that isn't yours just seems like the actions of an immature brat to me.

  4. I would rather give a fair and honest review than to lie and say that the event was handled really well.

    I've been to plenty of other enjoyable events and given them good reviews; but this simply wasn't one of those times.

    I assume you're from the PR company- please don't be so cowardly as to be anonymous next time :)

  5. My apologies- you're not from the PR agency at all.
    You're the person who leaves negative, anonymous comments but somehow checks this blog on average of 8 times a day. (I've checked my stats).

    If you don't like me, or what I have to say why are you so damn interested in me?!


  6. Interesting take.
    I drop in about once a week, and this is the first time I've ever commented.
    A little research about multiple users on single ISP accounts should clear up that misconception.

  7. Cute, maybe you guys should get together and talk about how immature I am then!!


  8. I don't know how couldn't have seen this coming. Future Music is full of wankers and posers, and more importantly, horrible music.

  9. Of course it's full of wankers and posers- why else do you think I was there? haha

    For the record- I actually did go to FMF a few years ago (again, on free tickets) and I had a great time. There were no expectations, no promise of 'delectable canapes and cocktails' so I was happy to pay for my own drinks, and the VIP section of 2008 was really chilled and nice.

  10. The delectable canapes look/sound like the kind of freebies pubs/clubs now have to provide in pokies rooms.


  11. What a shame! An invite should definitely reflect the event. Otherwise you just won't go to another of their events!

  12. I can appreciate that you're not so much whinging about getting the opportunity but more about expressing your disappoinment. However, I'm not sure how much more of a VIP experience you were ever going to get there. I mean even if tickets can be sold for a VIP area, you have to look at what event you are attending and what kind of people you would expect to attend. I would hardly call the Next top model girls exclusive and distinguished guests. And as for the artists backstage area, OMG that looked so scary! Can't imagine what was growing in that spa! Anyway, still enjoy reading your blog.

  13. But that's what I already said about going a couple of years ago...You couldn't buy tickets to that VIP section (I think it was only brought in this year?) and all we were promised that year was private bars, toilets and a place to sit.
    It was perfect because that's what was being explained on the ticket.

    As for the 'exclusive and distinguished guests' comment- I was saying that was what the area was being described as; that was not my personal opinion.

    You're right though, I'm not whinging. It's called a review. I wonder if 'anonymous' writes to every newspaper, magazine, etc who gives a bad review of a CD they're sent or a movie they get to view...I'm not going to give everything a glowing review just because I got to go for free or get given something.

  14. I think it is perfectly reasonable for you to give an accurate assessment of an event, even if you attended for free. I went to an event at our local 'country club', where the table decorations were made of crocs (actually, faux crocs from target) and plastic flowers. You better believe I mentioned it when I was asked what I thought of the night.

  15. i like the bag and the shoes! :)


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