Saturday, March 20, 2010

The girl with the floral headband and the enormous appetite

This afternoon I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish film adaptation of the best selling book by Steig Larsson.
I haven't actually read the book, I had no idea what it was about, but I have all these free movie tickets I needed to use up and a quick scan of wikipedia made it sound pretty good.
It was absolutely fantastic. There were some really heavy rape and violence scenes which were disturbing, but the perps get their come uppance, so there's some restitution not only for the characters but also for the audience's peace of mind.
Apparently there's a Hollywood version of this movie being made, but I think it might be ruined if it's out of it original context.
I don't want to stereotype but the whole story has that Joseph Fritzl, prolonged abuse, incest type of theme so it kind of suits being set in Europe. SORRY. I really don't mean the generalise, but I think you'll agree if you see it.

Anyway, I highly recommend it. I covered my eyes a bit, so if you don't like violence or rape (I certainly hope you don't like rape) then be ready to look down at some points.

After the movie I went to one of my favourite restaurants- Glass. You've heard/read me harp on a million times about it, and about Luke Mangan (you can win a signed copy of his book in my giveaway here)

There were a few things new things on the menu I wanted to try including one new dessert (I've tried every one of them now).
Sorry my pictures are so bad- I'm no good at taking photos/my camera is crap. If you want to see gorgeous photos of food see the beautiful work of Lorraine at and Helen of (it's not just their photos that are good, they've both got amazing food and entertaining blogs which are worth a look/drool over.

Amusee Bouche was a sesame beef with lebanese dressing and it was divine. I could have eaten a whole meal of that. It was cool and edgy. I think that was the cucumber and sesame talking.

For entree I couldn't decide between the Pea tart, haloumi, caramelized fig, baby leek, hazelnut dressing or the Pan fried gnocchi with corn, asparagus, courgette, parmesan and lemon thyme. I've had the gnocchi a few times before and it's such a treat. It's so hard to get gnocchi right and the one at Glass is like fat little pillows that are fried so they're almost crisp on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside.
In the end I decided on Pea tart and one of my dining companions lost half their gnocchi to my belly. Glutton? What glutton?
The pea tart was delicious. The pea flavour was creamy and subtle and there was plentiful haloumi which I was pleased about. (I'm no stranger to eating an entire block in one sitting) The tart casing was delicate and crispy but the whole meal was filling in all. The pretty little nasturtiums placed on top almost made the dish too cute to eat. But it didn't stop me from gobbling it up.

For main it was an easy choice. Normally I have steak but the Veal backstrap grabbed me instantly. I never used to be a fan of veal until I made the rookie mistake of ordering a frittata at Ginger Room in Canberra when everyone else got Veal and I missed out like woah. From then on I've decided I won't ever pass up veal again. GOOD DECISION, MARLO.
I believe this is one of the newer dishes (???) but I hope it's a stayer. It's full description is Casino NSW veal backstrap with mustard crust, veal breast, soubise, fig and baby courgette.
I was expecting something a little different from the crust. I imagined it to be heavily...peppered almost. But I think that's because in my mind I always envisage mustard as seeded mustard. So the crust seemed more like a crispy-formerly-creamy consistency. It also wasn't very thick which is probably a good thing because the veal  literally melted in my mouth and anything more flavourful would have overpowered it.

My dessert was the best of all. And not just the best of the meal, I think actually THE. BEST. DESSERT. EVER.
I had Violet ice cream, peach, white chocolate cream and honey comb and it was simply delectable.
The ice cream was bright purple topped with peaches covered in toffee with a strip of crumbled honeycomb and finished with the white chocolate cream. There was also some kind of wafer sandwiching the ice cream and I like to think it was Holy bread. I believe this because the dessert was miraculous, blessed, heaven-sent and any other Holy puns you can think of.
I wondered if the violet ice cream would be light because I think it's a flavour that can be hit and miss. But it was actually quite strong- in a good way. The white chocolate cream and honeycomb were quite muted, though so the ice cream could afford to be strong.

I left so full and satisfied. I want more of that dessert (despite it being a really generous portion). No alcohol for me tonight either as I need to get in preparation for my Urban Remedy detox next week! Eeepp no more yummy solid foods for 5 days. Make sure you check back to follow my progress.

As usual, I've got pics of my outy too:

Anorak- Lover
Singlet- Supre
Shorts- Kookai
Sandals- Midas
Belt- Alannah Hill
Headband- Alannah Hill
Bag- Miu Miu


  1. hmmm the best dessert ever? i think from that description, i will def have to try it. the pea tart also looks pretty good. I'll let you know what i think. Just have to quit being lazy and get myself there. As for your outfit, you look awesome as usual. I really love it. you always look good.

  2. squuueee so cute! and yummmmmy! i shouldn't look at your blog when my dinner is lean cuisne. humph.

  3. All hail to the beautiful girl in the pink belt and pretty yellow headband enjoying her violet ice cream!

  4. love love love this outfit!
    you look gorgeous.
    these colours really suit you.

  5. That dessert looks delicious. Purple ice cream shouldn't look appetising, but it does.

    Sorry for asking a question that's off the topic of the post, but do you think the detox will work if one uses non-Urban Remedy TM juices? Do you think there's a benefit to be had from drinking any old juice for a while, instead of eating?

  6. Not being a nutritionist myself I dont know 100%, but I am sure there are other juice diets if you did not want to use UR specifically. For me, though, I found it really useful as its all made, delivered and convenient plus they have a help line and email if you need advice and tips. If you got juice recipes out of a book or something you dont have the same support.

  7. Went to glass restaurant. Delicious!


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