Monday, March 1, 2010

Harper's Bazaar April issue- 2010. I made it in!

So I posted a few weeks back about the HB shoot where anyone could turn up to the state theatre to be in the 101 Dalmatians themed shoot with Romance was Born to feature in the April edition of Harper's Bazaar.
The issue came out today and I bought it to see if I made the cut- I did!'s a little bit of a where's Marlo? situation, as I stood right at the back, but at least it's a clear pic where you can tell it's actually me. And I didn't get completely cut out, or hidden behind someone else, or lost in the crease of the magazine. Eep!


Here's a scan of the picture, I've circled myself in red. LOLcanoes.

I realise it's going to be teensy tiny on this blog, so you might have to go buy the copy yourselves. I mean, not to see me; just to see the shoot in general. The other pics are of Natalie Imbrgulia as Minnie Mouse on the Opera House, Emma Lung in Beauty and the Beast with a dinosaur and my personal favourite, Teresa Palmer as Alice in Wonderland on New Years Eve with the midnight fireworks in the background. Phe-nom.
Also this issue comes with an intensive moisturising mask from Kate Moss' hairdresser, James Brown. Win win!
What's your fave pic from the series?


  1. oooh im going to cut you out from the picture and stick you somewhere ahahaha love it.

    im obsessed with the teresa palmer alice in wonderland shoot. goddamn!

  2. That's fantastic! Looks like such a fun shoot. Will look for the picture in the magazine.

  3. omgsh wow! how fun! it doesn't matter that you re only in a small section....i mean, you are in HB!!!!!! WOW!

  4. heheh yes, I was more excited to see my name in the credits than the actual pic! wheeee

  5. This is so fun! Congrates on making into the shoot! I would probably frame that page up!!!


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