Friday, March 19, 2010

I'll follow you until you love me...

Tonight I went to the Lady Gaga concert. It only occurred to me yesterday  I was actually going to see her. in. person. Sometimes it doesn't quite hit me that someone I idolise will be standing metres (depending on my seats) in front of me. Craziness.

Unfortunately this time I didn't have great seats. I didn't hear that she had changed venues and Hordern just doesn't work for me so I was going to stalk her try and find another way to watch her perform. So I was thrilled when I finally discovered she'd moved to Entertainment centre, but disheartened when I found out my seats were in like, Bay 1081 row zzz. OK, they weren't that bad. But when you've been so close to your other idol, Gwen Stefani, that you can see faint stretch marks on her hips- you become spoilt.

I didn't want to dress like Gagaloo for the concert. I didn't really want to dress up at all. Noone's looking at me, right? But the twitterverse told me loads of people were dressed up so I thought, "what the hey"?
Instead of going all out Gaga, I channeled a bit of Carmen Miranda, but a pastel version and a bit of The girl with the pearl earring. Except I didn't wear pearl earrings. The girl with the pearl headband, perhaps?

So really, I kind of just pulled this ridiculous leather, vintage ensemble from Turkey (it was my mum's in the 80s that my grandparents brought back from a trip for her. Still in incredible condition.) out of my costume box and added some accessories.

As you've probably seen, I love teddy bear accessories (they're sooo kitsch it drives me crazy) and tonight's count is three. Two as bag charms, and one on my finger.

I also decided against doing my hair in a bow (see Penguin Classics post below) because I knew heaps of people would have those fake-hair bows and it wasn't worth the effort. Plus I wondered if the people behind me might use the two sections of the bow as drink holders?

There were so many people dressed up- it was really cute! All the best ones I saw were drag queens. With the exception of two girls around my age who had a very harajuku-girl style. I think that was just their look though, and not something done for the concert.

The concert was incredible. I was a bit put off as last week someone in New Zealand implied she was miming and exhausted. She didn't mime and I think the lie-down thing was part of the act.
I also saw Kathy McCabe from the Daily Telegraph mention on Kerri-Anne this morning that Gaga had the same sort of singing ability as Kylie Minogue and Madonna. With all due respect to Kathy...Um, no.

Madonna can't sing per se. She is a dancer who is lucky enough to be able to hold a note. Kylie doesn't NEED to be a good singer. She has a perfect pop voice and is a fantastic entertainer. Gaga, on the other hand has a truly developed and mature sound. She experiments with her voice when singing live and tonight she showed off a range of different musical styles, with particular emphasis on a honky-tonk kind of sound and some serious soulful notes came out of her petite frame.
At one point, she delivered a pitch-perfect rendition of Teeth while standing on the piano stool in sky-high heels, bending over, with her head down to the mic. Any singer knows how hard it is to sing when not upright. I won't get into logistics, but if your diaphragm is squished, it can't function to it's full ability and it affects the whole process. That's why artists who engage in acrobatics, like Pink, while still singing live are phenomenal.

Lady Gaga sang alot of songs which I thought was impressive. The only 'hit' that she missed was eh eh, which probably wouldn't have suited the tone of the whole tour which is very morbid and dark. There were splashes of humour (usually in the form of Gaga becoming agressive and telling us "all the freaks are outside and I've locked the fucking door" or encouraging us to show our teeth like her good little monsters) and a definite undertone of extreme vulnerability masked (literally) in what seems like an almost false confidence from Gaga. This comes through especially when she is at the piano and in one of the Helmut Newton-style interludes where she describes her fans and what they mean to her.

There were strong themes of the Wizard of Oz throughout the concert including a tornado from which Gaga emerged with an electronic dress, headpiece and angel wings, a clear latex dress and hat made from glittery shards resembled a modern Glenda the Good witch and the huge monster which was overcome by the 'paparazzi' in the end was a good reminder of the Wizard.

One of my favourite numbers was Allejandro, which I didn't enjoy terribly on the CD, but it reminds me of Men at Work's Land downunder crossed with Madonna's La Isla Bonita and I've got a new appreciation for it's dramatic pop sound. Of course the one that was enjoyed by all was Bad Romance. Hearing thousands of people sing "Ra ra ah uh uh..." was a spectacle and she did a bit of an extended version of that song which was great.

There were no encores, which I don't mind to be totally honest. And everyone left on a high.
So, did anyone else go to Gaga? What did you think? 

 Primer- MAC
Foundation- Revlon photo ready 003 'shell'
Concealer/Eye Primer- Benefit 'stay don't stray' (read my review here)
Eyeshadow- MAC 'woodwinked'
Mascara- Chanel multi-dimensional 039
Bronzer- MAC 'refined golden'
Blush- Dior 553 'Peachy Keen'
Lips- MAC Viva Glam 'lustre' (read my review here)

Vest- Vintage
Shorts- Vintage
Shirt- Gail Sorronda for Target
Shoes- Jean-Michel Cazabat
Bag- Miu Miu
Headbands- Diva
Rings (worn as brooch)- Diva and (teddy bear) Clare's in Harajuku
Bag Charms- Kasui
Teacup- T2 (my nod to Gaga)


  1. Gorgeous outfit Miss Marlo xx Can't wait to see her myself in April. Have only heard good things about her concert x

  2. I saw Gaga last night too! Wasn't the show just simply magic? :)

  3. you look adorable! love the blouse + headband :)



  5. that outfit is awesome. you wouldve looked the best i'm very sure. i love love love it. i wouldnt went with that bag though as its a bit big and that outfit is way too cute to be hidden. but you look great. its so good to see there are some people left in sydney with good taste.

  6. This outfit is PERFECT for Gaga. Albeit I am not a fan or her music, her style is quite remarkable and I have a huge respect for that.

  7. You look so cute!!! I love your Miu Miu bag! It looks like a really awesome concert! I do agree with you regarding Madonna and Kylie though. Madonna entertains really well but I don't like her voice much.


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