Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cleo Bachelor of the year 2010

Let me start off by saying, it's past 4am and I just scanned a whole heap of pictures and they deleted off my comp. I love my readers, but I'm sorry, I just can't re-scan everything.
I'm sure CLEO mag won't mind if I borrow pics from their site to show you a selection of the tasty morsels on offer for this year's CLEO Bachelor of the year awards.

I'm going to lay out my hot and not so hot tips and tell you who my final vote goes to. I won't go through the entire list, don't worry.

Firstly (and I saw this was also written up in yesterday's [16th March] Daily Telegraph) that there is a distinct absence of NRL players in this year's nominees. In fact, this is the first time since the CLEO Bachelor of the year awards began that there hasn't been a single rugby league player up for the award.

However, there are a few AFL players, some pro-surfers, a runner and a rower.

But let's stop the chit-chat, there's men to be perved on.

In order of how they're listed in the magazine the first man who gets picked on analysed is Didier Cohen.
A stunningly beautiful specimen of a man who is the face of Industrie and gets up close and personal with Australia's own beauty, Miranda Kerr for David Jones. A Los Angeles native, Didier moved to Sydney to pursue an acting career, apparently. (Yep, I find this weird, too....don't you normally move TO LA to get acting jobs? But anyway...) Didier's got the looks to win this comp but one squiz at his almost indecipherable twitter account and it's enough to send a girl running.

Verdict- A few grammar and spelling lessons would help this kid get my vote.

Next up, Dave Dawes. I think this guy qualifies as one of the 'guy next door' types. As far as I know he isn't a celeb, his job is listed as Physiotherapist from WA. Also, as far as I know, he's damn fine and seems like a typical bloke who gave some solid answers in his interview. This answer however had me a little weary-
How would your dating ad read? Male, 26, seeks same-age female for fun, discreet times.
Fun, discreet times? So she's not good enough for you to introduce to your mates? Hmmm...possibly bad wording, but there may be something more sinister.

Verdict- Bachelor of the year, INDEED.

Angus Gruzman (aka Hoodrat) is next in line. He may not be everyone's type aesthetically (I'm not saying he is ugly, he's just not MY type) but DAMN can this man spin some tracks. One of my most fun nights on record was a Sydney Uni party where Gus da hoodrat was playing and I have only a vague recollection of the Beatle's 'daytripper' being mixed with...well, I can't remember, but it was something like the Beastie Boys. Imagine that. Pure genius.
This guy could win based on how much fun he would be to hang out with.

Verdict- A strong contender.

John Steffensen comes in next with me left scratching my head. There's nothing wrong with the guy; but hasn't he been with the same girl for like, 8 years? Either pop the question already or be a real bachelor!

Verdict- Unless he's truly a single man, he loses points in my eyes for keeping his lady hanging on. Just get down on your knee, mate.

A very worthy contender is up next in Kyle Linahan. A musician and Channel [V] presenter, Kyle lights up our screens with his gorgeous looks (hellooooo caramel skin) and laid back 'tude and vast taste and knowledge of music. I think Kyle is a dark horse in this comp. He's got enough star power to pull the votes and he would make a humble and worthy winner.

Verdict- Watch out, fellas.

OH. MY. GOD. The next guy makes me feel a little bit sick. Let's keep in mind I don't know ANY of these guys personally. I'm sure they're all lovely and wonderful people- otherwise they wouldn't have been chosen. But the way this guy comes across in his interview is appalling.
Blake Headland. A Fabric wholesaler from NSW.
Sell yourself in a sentence, CLEO asks. His reply? "I don't need to sell myself, I sell for a living so you can sell yourself to me."
Oh. Perhaps it's not what he meant, but to me that says: "Why do YOU think YOU'RE good enough to be with ME?"
Major douchery. I sincerely hope it was just bad wording/editing on CLEO's part.

Verdict- oh, HELL no.

Now is the time for my personal favourite. Yes, I'm biased. Yes, I'm a glutton. WHAT OF IT? But who can resist someone so clever and innovative and hot?
Why yes, I AM talking about everyone's favourite Pastry Chef- Adriano Zumbo.
I was lucky enough to meet him at the Etch Bar opening (see here and here for reviews. Reviews of the bar, that is. Not him personally.) and I think he could really shake up this year's comp.
It's pretty rare for a guy to be able to create such wonderful and beautiful things while still behaving like a typical guy, a bloke. Not a metrosexual, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

Verdict- Already voted for him! Numerous times! HA!

Jordan Nguyen. OK- this guy is incredible. He's "making improvements to the thought-controlled robotic wheelchair...for people with severe disabilities".
This guy doesn't deserve CLEO bachelor of the year...he deserves something way more. Firstly, I don't even get how those thought-controlled thingamajigs work, let alone actually designing/working on one. Seriously amazing.
He's pretty cute, too. And undertaking his PhD currently. That means soon-to-be Dr., ladies.
I'm also a fan of his interview answers. He notes his hangover cure is a sports drink and a swim. Coincidentally, these are also my hangover cures. I've been known to walk straight in my back door from a big night out and directly into the pool, fully clothed, to freshen up. True story.

Verdict- Not to cheapen the CLEO bachelor of the year awards (they do brilliant things for these guys' careers, offer a big stack of cash to the winner's charity and open our eyes to some new talent) but he should probably be getting alot more credibility than this!

Tom Waterhouse is a tricky one for me to critique. I have vaguely and drunkenly met him a million years ago at the Eastern. There's no way he'd remember me (I hope I didn't imply that at all) and I only remember because my memory is to me what a golden lasoo is to Wonder Woman (ie- super powerful). SO- as I was saying, hard for me to say something mean as he is a really well mannered, polite and genuinely nice, down to earth guy. (And I've only ever heard lovely things about him) but seriously- WTF...? Here's a question he was asked:
Pros and cons of the job? (oh, btw- he's a bookie) "Nothing beats a big win, but nothing compares to losing $2 million last year on Derby Day."
ummmmm. OK. We already know you're rich. You're racing royalty. You've been a succesful and competitive bookmaker the past few years. Do you really need to blatantly point it out in a women's mag?
You don't NEED to flash your wealth, Tom. You seem really decent. I'm pretty surprised you're still a bachelor to be honest, so chill out with the $$$ flashing.

Verdict- Perhaps trying to buy votes?

The next guy is probably the realistic choice as winner. He's got fame and notoriety, looks, is a successful and talented man and a household name. Everyone's mum wants their daughter to bring home a guy like him. I'm talking about Curtis Stone.
Celebrity Chef, one of the few to make it big without a restaurant behind him, Curtis is the oldest (tied with New South Welshman, Dan Trotter) bachelor at 35 years of age, and one has to wonder- Why hasn't anyone locked that down yet?
He is neighbours with Cameron Diaz, so maybe he's keeping his options open- but other than that, he seems like the perfect catch.

Verdict- I'm not voting for him purely because a) I'm voting for Zumbo and b) I'd say 75% of people are going to vote for Curtis anyway and he probably doesn't need my votes.

So that concludes it. There are a whole lot more guys waiting for your votes.
Check out for a full list, pics and more interview questions. And DON'T FORGET to vote!
The winner of the CLEO Bachelor of the year awards will be announced next month.

So who gets your vote?


  1. Yes, Dave Dawes is the only one who got my attention. Hot!

  2. i think john steffensen is a hottiiie

    I heard he has been single for like a year and was completly heart broken.

    poor guy, i hope he wins...

  3. aaahh really? That's no good :(
    I take it back then.

  4. Angus Gruzman = complete womanizer

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  6. No way, man! What's more fun that beer and strippers?

    I bought a drinking game for a friend once and it was embarrasingly bad. It had rules like "do not play with actual alcohol" and the dares were "go outside and yell IM A HAMSTER or take a drink"



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