Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MAC Viva Glam featuring Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper

I wasn't going to write about the new campaign- despite my undying love for Gagaloo, but I actually bought the lipstick yesterday so I had to rave!

With funds going to support men, women and children living with AIDS, the Viva Glam program was founded in 1994 and has since featured spokespeople including Pamela Anderson, Fergie, Dita Von Teese, Eve and Missy Elliot.

It's so fitting that Lady Gaga stars this time around because she is arguably the most influential person in the world right now. I love the partnership between Cyndi Lauper and Gaga, too as they're both so quirky and look like mother and daughter in this shot.

Speaking of looks- I think Lady G looks absolutely beautiful. Her face looks really soft and the makeup is perfect for her. Part of the reason I bought the lipstick was obviously because you get to help a fantastic cause while looking cute, but also because in Winter when I haven't got a tan I love to wear really frosty pink lipstick.

I know it's a bit of a makeup faux pas- but it really suits me, so that's what's important in fashion after all.

The other colour that Cyndi Lauper endorses is a deep red colour.

My only gripe is that the packaging looks like a big, black tampon. What the? It's not the cutest thing to pull out of your handbag in a club toilet.

Apart from that, how can you go wrong with a long lasting, moisturising lippy that helps others and only sets you back $35?

I'll probably wear it to the Lady Gaga concert tomorrow night (ZOMG SO EXCITED) So you can see the shade closer up then in my outfit post.

Check for more details!

Pic from MAC


  1. They both look gorgeous! I agree a great pairing although I probably won't buy the pink frosted lipstick (I grew up in the 80s-too many fashion memories) but I'm going to check out the other colours!

  2. I also just blogged about Lady Gaga!

    Hope you got your blog situation sorted :)

  3. i havent seen it in real life, but i LOVE the look of the light pink gaga colour. do you think it would suit me too?


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