Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Men's Health Man 2010

Men's Health magazine held the finals of their annual Men's Health Man competition last night at ECQ bar in Circular Quay, Sydney.

Six delicious men were chosen from hundreds around Australia who entered for the chance to win the cover of Men's Health April issue, a 2 year Men's Health subscription, a gym membership and a years supply of goodies from Nivea for Men.

Along with the major prize, two others were awarded. One being the Women's Health reader's choice award and the Nivea Face award.

I don't think I can say who the winners are yet because it says they're announced on March 22- so you'll have to suffice with some pictures of my outfit until then.

The event itself was...squishy! ECQ bar is in a great location but it was at least 8 million degrees and the 'fans' were like, one blade? How does that generate anything even remotely resembling cool air?

Drinks were great. I'm basing this on copious amounts of Heidseick Monopole I had and a complete lack of headache today. WIN WIN.

And about the canapes- lemme just say, every event should supply caramelised onion and goats cheese tarts. I don't care if it's a really obvious choice to serve, because it's such a winning combo. We found the choice of food served (meat pies, Thai beef salad, chicken satay, samosa) a bit weird at a Men's HEALTH event. Perhaps sushi and salad would have been better? Particularly after the MC said 'watching the footy with a beer and a pie in hand is no longer a form of exercise'. If it ever was a form of exercise then I guess that makes me a fitness freak.

I think the gift bag was the second best part of the night. The first obviously being in a room full of hot men in suits. Although its contents were obviously very male centric- with sponsors like Witchery man, Nivea, Aussie Bum and Schwarzkopf the people I was with and I decided we'd conduct our own little Aussie Bum shoot down at the harbour...and as the night progressed underneath the Coca Cola sign in the cross.

So yes, this did see me hiking my skirt up and standing wth the Harbour Bridge in the background doing some Lady Gaga style product placement.

Now, I did promise on Twitter that I'd post pics. This seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm a woman of my word, though so I'll crop them to save the dignity of my mates. And before you question my sanity/call me a slut for showing my undies/say my legs are fat, know this- I don't care what you think!

Ha- just kidding, but seriously, it's a bit of fun.

OK, the coca cola sign ones were too hard to crop. You get the idea. The amount of Japanese tourists who took pics, too- I'm scared to think where they'll end up! HA! (I'm secretly hoping the next issue of FRUiTS)

(Edited to add: blurry pic of my friends and I dancing around since they can't be identified anyway!)

Jacket- Review
Singlet- Supre
Skirt- Review
Bag- Miu Miu
Shoes- Sergio Rossi

It's too bad voting has closed, you can't see their pics. These boys are RIPPED and I'd highly recommend picking up the mag for your man (or yourself even) when the issue hits stores and check out on March 22nd to see the winner!


  1. I love your outfit - especially the review jacket and skirt!

  2. your legs aren't fat and you look good, but WHY?

  3. That handbag is AMAZING. I need it! You look beautiful : ) xoxo

  4. Love it! Too funny :) Life is too short not to do things like this every once in a while!

    And hey, you look hot, ha!

    I'm about to write up a post which has a little Lady Gaga in it too :)

    <3 xxx

  5. I love your jacket and skirt from review...and the clutch too!

    You have such nice legs! And undies! Haha!

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    I'm so in love with Review- they have so much great coporate/glam type of stuff perfect for those events.

  7. Ahahaha I love it!!
    YOu look like you're having a lot of fun!!


  9. great outfit babe so good seeing other aussie blogs :)


  10. Love your outfit! I am totally in love with Review at the moment too.
    Oh and anyone who says you have fat legs needs a smack upside the head - not to sound freaky, but you have very nice legs and butt. x


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