Friday, March 5, 2010

Oufit of the day

I realised I hadn't updated with an outfit post in over 2 weeks! You poor little dears!
Today I had errands to run and then went to see the Blind side. What a lovely movie. I adore Sandra Bullock, and it was such a perfect role for her. I was on the verge of tears the whole time but it's so uplifting overall.
I can't see Sandra winning the Oscar for it (I can't really see any of the women nominated in her category winning it to be honest) but it would be nice if she did.
I'm so glad it's Autumn.
I'm not a huge fan of Summer, really.
I love the sun- but I'm way more into wearing cosy outfits with heaps of layers so I'm super excited about winter!
Singlet- Supre
Shorts- Bettina Liano
Jacket- Wish
Shoes- Miu Miu
Bag- Chanel
Scarf- Burberry
Necklaces- Tiffany & Co. and Vivienne Westwood
Brooch- Lydia Jewels

Have a great weekend everybody! x


  1. LOVE the jacket and the scarf matches perfect!

    I also love winter fashion but it is a bit of an effort, you can't beat a blistering hot day, a pretty, flowey dress, thongs with icy cocktail in hand... bliss

  2. Love this outfit! I agree with you re: Autumn too, hooray for the cooler weather! x

  3. I love Autumn too!

    You have really nice feet...I was admiring the shoes then realise it's because you have nice feet!

    Your dog and you look absolutely adorable! Both so well groomed and cute!

  4. I love your outfit. Very cute. I love how you're not afraid to team Supre with Chanel.

  5. Thanks lovely ladies!

    Bowsnhearts- I hate my feet! I think they just look nice and narrow with those shoes on, lucky break I guess. hehe

    Carly- Yep, I own heaps of stuff from Supre (and target, Kmart, Sussan etc) and tend to spend alot on my accessories. That's real fashion to me, mixing and matching every price point and style of clothing.

  6. ohhh i used to work at evelyn miles in toorak and i remember those shoes... so sad i missed out on them :( they're so soft and comfy!

    standard poodles make me very happy! :)


Stay cute...