Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pre Urban Remedy cleanse measurements- I begin tomorrow!

So, as you know, tomorrow I begin my Urban Remedy detox.
The juices were delivered this afternoon and I'm all ready to go. My nervousness has turned into excitement now that I've seen how tasty the juices look. I kept pulling them out and reading the ingredients going "oohh...I can't wait for this one" and then saying the same thing with each juice I pulled out.
Juice number six looks like a real treat, with coconut, cinammon, vanilla bean and cashews; it almost sounds like a dessert!

I've decided to get personal and post my measurements so we can see if there's a difference in size/weight. I don't mind if I don't lose weight, but since I'm reviewing the cleanse I'm sure people will be keen to know and it would be interesting to find out for a later date.

Bust: 92cm (36 inches)
Waist: 69cm (27inches)
Hips: 90.5cm (35inches)
Thighs: 59cm (25inches)

BMI: 21.94 (according to Wii Fit)
Weight: 67.3kg (according to Wii Fit)
Height: 177cm (5'10")

I'll post measurements again on Friday to see the difference, if any.

How cute do the juices look in their little cooler bags? Being a Cancerian I love symmetry and boxy kind of shapes that all fit together.

I love the little booklet tucked in the front pocket, too. It's got all the handy hints like recommended times to have your juices, other things you should try and do to enhance the detox (such as massage and dry brushing to increase blood flow) and a number to call if you need help. Also the most important rule for me- EATING IS CHEATING.
I'm determined not to eat during this cleanse. I don't think you will be able to see the complete benefits if you do and I'm not a quitter so I'll try my damndest to be strong.

So here goes...come back tomorrow night as I document day one.
And if you'd like to do your own detox, check out for more information!


  1. i just had a read. sounds good. i have been eating so much lately (just had half a bag of jaffas) and i really need something to break up the cycle. i dont drink alot though so im worried if i can stomach these. i'll be following your progress and then i'll decide if i should do it. good luck!

  2. ooo i'm looking forward to seeing the results! i'm considering doing it, but want to lose a couple of pesky extra kilos that are the result of too much indulgence, so will wait and see the verdict!

  3. how exciting! i'm interested in this too but will waiting to hear your experience first.

    how many days are you doing out of curiosity? judging by your bottles pictures, i'd assume 4 days (3 juices per day) but i thought only 1, 3 or 5 day detoxes were available?

  4. Hi!
    I'm doing 5 days. The first two days get delivered on Sunday and the last 3 on the wednesday.
    There are 6 juices a day and I'm gdoing level 2.


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