Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sydney Swans Fan Day

It's been 8 years since the last Sydney Swans Fan Day, and what a time to have one. The Swans are looking strong in their pre-season games and with 8 new players on board, it was the perfect forum to introduce them to the fans.

I was too old for not interested the majority of things on offer. Jumping castle, giant slide, coaching clinics with the players; but I did manage to get my shiny new Sherrin signed by most of the guys including one-to-watch Lewis Jetta.

I also got to pat a bandicoot and a python at the Taronga Zoomobile! YAY!

I think the best part of these days is seeing the little kids getting involved, especially the girls. What's cuter than seeing a 5 year old girl with her face painted red and white, running up to Cyggy (the team mascot) for a hug and sporting a t-shirt that says 'Sydney Swans Princess' like the little girl pictured below?

I think it's so important for females to be involved in sport. Any kind of sport, not just AFL. I feel like women can bring a new dimension to sport; things that might be overlooked by men in front office positions.
But even at a fan level, it's kind of a powerful (for lack of a better word) thing to know as much about what's happening during the footy season as your brother, boyfriend, co-worker or the guy sitting next to you at the pub.
And no, this isn't a man-hating post, it's just something I'm very passionate about and I hope that in time more and more women can enjoy sport as much as I do.

One woman I admire in particular is Katie Page, who in 2005 was the first woman to be appointed to the NRL board.
In the current climate where barely a week goes by without some sort of violent or otherwise disgusting act  being perpetrated against a woman by a footy player or other athlete, it's imperative that there is some sort of female guidance and influence in these clubs.
That's one of the main reasons the Swans are such a great team. When they say they have a 'no dickhead' policy, I believe it.

Just seeing the players wandering around today, chatting to people, signing merchandise and helping kids perfect their kicks- it really sets them aside from other teams where guys are oh, I don't know- leaking naked photos of their ex-girlfriends? That's just an example, though. (disclaimer- I'm obviously really biased and I know other clubs aren't responsible for the stupid things Brendan Fevola their players do)

So if you're not yet into sport, you're looking for a footy team to follow or you just want some new eye-candy...ummm Brett Kirk, Henry Playfair, Heath Grundy, Ryan O'Keefe, Adam Goodes...I could go on and on (google them if you don't know who I'm talking about) well now might be the perfect time to become a Sydney Swans fan- or better yet, a Sydney Swans member.

Sydney Swans adult memberships start at $60 and junior memberships at $30. There are also specific memberships aimed at women in Victoria, sweetly named 'Ladies of the Lake' which are only $25!!
Plus, there's a big range of really cute female centric merchandise.

Check out for more information!

And if you're in Sydney and looking to play some AFL in a women's team, UNSW are looking for girls to join their team the Stingrays.
No experience is necessary and both students of the uni and non-students are welcome to play.

Contact Sarah at if you'd like to sign up!

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  1. You forgot to include Craig Bolton in your eye candy list...

    Great post Marls. Go Swannies!


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