Monday, March 22, 2010

Urban Remedy day 1

I'm not going to lie- I slept terribly last night. Tossing and turning and thinking "what if it's a bad idea?" "What if I react badly to it and need to vomit while I'm in a swimming pool" and other such nonsense.
But when I actually got up to begin my day, I was back to being excited.

9am: I started off with a big mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed in it. Then I drank the first juice which was made up Spinach and Cucumber; among other things.
I felt that this was a great juice to start the cleanse with. It had a very crisp and clean taste which told the brain that what you were putting into your body was healthy. I think if I had been given one of the more fruity or thicker juices to begin with, my body would have thought it was just a normal day.

Normally on a Monday I'll have a late (10am-ish) breakfast of toast or cereal and then have more food at around 11:30am. I'm talking a big Hot Chocolate and either a bowl of fruit salad or sometimes a ham and cheese croissant or a toasted sandwich.

I'm one of those people who just eats and eats and eats, so naturally I was scared that having only juice wouldn't be enough.

12pm: Drank my second, beetroot based juice. I was only just beginning to feel a little hungry. I was also on my way to St Vincent's Hospital which has THE BEST carrot cake in the entire world. True Story. I had to walk past the cafeteria with my eyes closed.

2pm: Time for my third juice. I must admit that by now I really was quite hungry but on a normal day I would have had a big lunch by this time (a couple of sandwiches or a chicken salad and heaps of chocolate etc) and as soon as I downed the juice I was feeling much better.
This was the first time I had taken the advice of Urban Remedy to swish the juice around my mouth to simulate chewing.
The juice itself was very tasty. This is going to sound a bit gross, but it tasted like curry. That's actually a good thing by the way. Especially since I'd seen a guy eating curry an hour earlier and was craving it. (Maybe it was in my mind?)
I don't even know why it tasted like Curry, it had cucumber, parsley, mint and other things in it- nothing curry related.
The juice was quite grainy, it had a bit of residue when I had finished the bottle. This one felt thicker and made for good oral satisfaction (ha) as it felt like I was eating actual solid food.

I've found the day goes alot quicker being broken down into two hours slots. If it was only three juices per day I don't think I would be handling this so well.

4pm: I went to see a movie so I took juice number four in lieu of popcorn. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the taste of this one. It was lemon based, and I like lemon-y things to be really strong and tart. This juice was a little dulled down and I found it a bit harder to swallow. It may have been a mental thing too because I was at the movies and wasn't eating 'movie' food.

6pm: I started to get really hungry just before this juice. I ran inside and drank it down really quickly. It was fairly similar to the breakfast juice, but didn't have the spinach nor that real 'clean' feeling. I followed this with some sugar-free, decaffeinated, green tea from Aveda- my favourite tea.

8pm: Time for my last juice. This was the one which I mentioned was almost like a dessert. It has almonds, cashews, cinnamon and vanilla and like the 3rd juice, is quite grainy and thick.
It is absolutely delicious! A good amount of cinnamon flavour so it tastes like cinnamon toast or big red gum (actually, probably more subtle than big red gum) and you can definitely taste the individual flavours of the almonds and the cashews when you swish the juice around your mouth.
It is also recommended that this juice be used as a filler throughout the day for those that get hungry. I'm glad I saved this for the end of the night, though. It really did feel like I was having a treat which is a good way to cut those cravings down.

So far so good with the cleanse. Day one wasn't hard, I was only hungry a few times toward the end of the day overall.
Apparently day two is the hardest, so I'm really looking forward to it. There is talk of headaches and cravings, but I've decided if I get a headache I won't be succumbing to pain killers- not that I normally do anyway, but I've got my trusty Hello Kitty cool pack I can put on my head until it goes away.

Day one:
Exercise- 45 minutes Aquaerobics
Relaxation- 30 minutes full body massage
Circulation boosting- 5 minutes of dry body scrubbing

Cravings: Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curry, Chicken Salad (in particular the one from the Antique Centre at Moore Park)

Overall feeling- 8/10


  1. Such a detailed report! I'm so excited for you and glad to see you are handling it well.

    Thanks for letting me know there are 6 juices a day. At first I was a little hesitant about the price but considering that I pay $5 for a boost juice, I figure this is not too bad of a deal.

    One last question, how many ml is each bottle? I tried to find out on the site but couldn't locate an answer.

  2. I measured them this morning and they're 400mL per bottle.

    I know it seems expensive, but if you break it down and think:

    -you won't be eating/drinking anything else
    -you won't be going out for dinners or drinks etc during the time you do it since there's not much point (or if you do, you won't be spending money)
    -It's not a permanent thing or something you do often
    -If you think about how much it would cost going to a health spa for a week and getting a similar result, it would be about 10 times the price.

  3. lookin forward to the rest of your updates.
    i might try it next week.
    i have some things this weekend but i could do the three day one the end of next week perhaps

    the thought of not eating food for three days scares me.
    i know i would cheat.
    100% i would eat something.
    i suck !!


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