Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Urban Remedy day 2

Today was supposed to be the tough one. Urban Remedy even sent a reminder email about how to cope with the withdrawals and grogginess you may encounter on day two of the cleanse.
The frightening list included headaches, running nose, dry mouth, diarrhea and constipation. Lucky for me, I didn't encounter a single one. (Actually, that's a lie...I'll explain later)

My dog even got involved by sporting the Urban Remedy sticker from my cooler bag on her tail:

(oohhh! I was just about to post this and the intercom went- My next 3 days of juices have arrived. I went to hand my cooler bags back but he said to 'throw them out'. NEVER! They're adorable! I even walked around Bondi Junction with mine yesterday with my phone in the front pocket.)

Here's a run down of how today went.

8:30am- mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon and a few glasses of water

9am- Juice one. This went down easily, much like the first juice yesterday. The same sentiments apply; it was a good way to start the cleanse and today I'm pleased that I'm beginning my day with something so clean tasting.

11am- Juice number two. This tasted sweeter today than it did yesterday. Perhaps it is my body clutching at straws and trying to taste anything sugary?

 12:30pm- I realise it is almost time for juice 3 so I have some more green tea. So far, I havent experienced any of the expected withdrawal symptoms, which gives me more faith in my own personal health habits. Maybe I am not as bad as I thought I was?
Still half a day to go yet. Plus I have an event to go to later so if they are serving any food or alcohol it will be a real test. I havent had any cravings at this point of the day either, yesterday by this time I had already wanted to fight a man for his Rogan Josh and almost picked up the leftovers off another man's plate after he finished with his chicken schnitty baguette.   

1pm - I was getting a bit starey and gazing at nothing so I thought I needed to perk myself up a bit. I told myself I was going to "eat" my lunch outside and since this is the one thats a little grainy, I closed my eyes as I sipped and chewed. I actually felt the parsley and mint between my teeth. I found this made me "eat" it slower and enjoy it, and I felt like I was actually eating a salad. I was still a bit hungry (some bastard in my house was cooking spag bol for their dinner- NB yesterday I said I was craving it. hhmmmm) and for some odd reason I noticed my thumb smelled of freshly baked cookies and the back of my hand of custard tarts. So for dessert, I placed my hand under my nose for a few minutes and pretended I was eating lovely sugar and carbs. I feel like I'm on a super-model diet,  but now I am totally full.

3pm- By now I'm about to leave home for an event. I have the fourth juice and vow to sit on water all arvo.
It could not have been worse. Among other delicious morsels Lychee cocktails, Duck pancakes, fetta and mushroom bruschetta and sushi were being served. OK, so I could have done without the sushi- but man the rest of it looked good!
I declined every large platter that was put under my nose. And died a little inside each time.
Speaking of dying a little bit inside- my only withdrawl symptom (it's not confirmed but it's not like I'm going to go around asking people)- I felt like my breath would stink today. My mouth was a bit dry and I was terrified of speaking to people in case it did. Luckily the only people I spoke to knew I was doing the cleanse so hopefully they'll forgive me if this was indeed the case. I promise I have good dental hygiene!

6pm- I don't even remember this happening as it happened so fast. That fifth juice was gone in mere seconds. I was starving by this point. And when I say I've been hungry or starving it's not to the point where I might faint, it's just the feeling of an empty tummy.
I'm glad to have this feeling, though. Usually I'm such a grazer and I never get hunger pangs. But really, we are supposed to get them. That's when we're meant to eat. I would really like to re-train myself to eat when I'm hungry and not because another hour has passed and it's acceptable for me to eat again.

7pm- Caving in and having my final juice only an hour after the last one. I think it might work out timing wise though as you should drink your sixth juice at least two hours before bedtime and I need to have an early one tonight.

All in all, a good day, I think. I stood up to the drool-worthy canapes and cocktails and only had a few moments of insanity staring into space.
Day two:
Exercise- None
Relaxation- 45 minute full body massage
Circulation boosting- 5 minutes of dry body scrubbing

Overall feeling- 7/10


  1. The smelly breath thing is likely the side effect of ketosis - AKA fat burning. Yey!

    Best way to deal with this is lots of water (another side effect of ketosis is headaches). And teeth brushing (esp with all the sugar from the juices), gum chewing, even herb chewing (not sure if these are allowed?).

    Best of luck with your cleanse. Interesting to hear the blow-by-blow accounts, esp the return of hunger signals - I think most people forget what hunger is, coz we all eat too much all the time!! :)

  2. I'd already brushed my teeth a few times and I have the worst receeding gums, so I couldn't do it anymore.
    I'm not sure if you are allowed gum so I didn't want to try it.
    All these things we take for granted!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. Stay strong! Do you normally have a massage each day or is that part of your detox program?

  4. I have a big Ogawa massage chair. Like the ones at Narita airport so I'm lucky I can use that everyday!

    It is recommeded that you have a massage to help release the toxins, but other suggestions are a facial, steam room/sauna etc.


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