Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Urban Remedy day 3

7am- I woke sprung up out of bed. I've never felt more awake. Except for when my brother woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers.
I notice my skin is clearer and my eyes are whiter, brighter and bigger.

8am- I stupidly forget to have my lemon water, but I'm also on my way to an event so I know it's more important to get my juice down before all that food is served that I will have to turn away.
I'm pleased to find a different juice for breakfast. This one has orange in it and tastes like something I would probably order from a shop anyway.

9am- Absolute murder having to turn down a hot breakkie. I sip water throughout the event and relish home time so I can have my juice.

11:30am- By the time I get home I'm not actually that hungry. I think what this feeling is is actually craving the feeling of solid food. I don't have hunger pains or feel dizzy or weak but I just want to chew on something.
I drink my juice fairly slowly which is a nice change from gulping it down for the past two days.

2pm- I see a movie and take my third juice so sip on. I'm not even feeling it so it takes me the duration of the movie (pretty much) to get it down.

5pm- Next juice. Again, I just sip on this over about half an hour because I'm not feeling that immediate urge to have something in my stomach. I'm off to another even though and I'm worried about the tempting food and drink.

6pm- I'm at an event centred around footy and, appropriately, party pies (excellent quality ones with huge chunks of meat) are being served as well as cheese platters (noooooooooooooo) and I stand there with my bottle of water cursing everyone to hell. In my mind, of course.

8pm- Hankering for my next juice by this time. I get home to find it's my least favourite lemon and cayenne pepper. Granted, over the past three days I have noticed this one becoming tastier. It's not the flavours of it I don't like, it's just a little bland for me. If this were a sauce with a bit of garlic and coriander and had been smothered over some chicken breasts and popped on the barbie, I'd be loving it.
Speaking of BBQs...when I got home one of my neighbours was having one. I almost started crying. Sausaaaaaggeeessss. I want.

I think I'm going to have my sixth juice as soon as I can and head to bed two hours later. I have an early morning and while I'm feeling clean, I'm also feeling a bit sooky and just want to forget about food.
As much as I feel good, I keep thinking maybe three days was enough? I wonder how much better I will feel tomorrow and Friday?!

Exercise: none unfortunately. Missed my class to go to the Dermalogica event
Relaxation: 30 minutes full body massage
Circulation boosting: 5 Minutes dry body scrubbing

Overall feeling: 9/10


  1. You go to so many events!! Jealoussss. What job do you have? :)


  2. i want 30 minute massages everyday.
    when are you fitting them in?
    or are you massaging your own muscles for the detox program?

  3. I only got to do tonight's one as I was typing the post!

    I have an Ogawa massage chair so I sit in that while I type. hehe

  4. what sounds the best about this cleanse is all the massages you're having! haha

  5. To be honest I don't even like massages!
    I like head/scalp ones, but the body ones don't do much for me.

  6. I think the good thing about this cleanse is the high calorie content. So even though you're not eating food, you're still getting your calorific requirements. It's not a starvation cleanse so you're not feeling lightheaded and nauseous all the time. FAR better for you.

    Oh, and have you noticed that when you do something like this just how prevelant food is in our society? IT'S EVERYWHERE. *distressing*

  7. I don't think it's necessarily a high content, but it is realistic.
    It's around the amount you should eat if you're looking to lose weight but it's still enough to keep you feeling sane.

    I have extremely low blood pressure and get loads of bleeding noses and fainting spells, so I thought I'd get dizzy and feel faint really easily, but I haven't had any so far- It's because it's all done properly and not starvation like you said.

  8. ooh its good you havent felt dizzy, thats promising for me (when i get the $$$ to do the cleanse)as ive got low blood pressure too.

    any headaches yet?

  9. Nope- no headaches. Well I had one on Monday, but I think it was because I had one of my thick Miu Miu headbands on and they dig a bit.

    I don't really have any vices, though. Like I don't drink coffee regularly, smoke, drink (well not everyday drinker) so I didn't have anything to withdraw from really.

  10. Hi,

    When you are doing these cleanses, does the company advise you to take time off work or is it ok to work normally and drink the juices.

    Thanks - Ange

  11. I think it's fine to keep working. Obviously this depends on your job, but I think it's rare for people to be unable to work.

    Everyone I know who has done it or is doing it presently has continued to work.

    have a look at and email them if you want to know specifics about your job, I wouldn't like to give anyone the wrong advice!

  12. Yeah, I think the amount of calories are the same as if you were sticking to a healthy diet. Unlike, say, the Master Cleanse ... which is ultimately an unsafe water fast.


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