Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urban Remedy day 4

There's no point even doing an hourly run down today, it's just been a blur.
I'm up to day four and I'm starting to get a little bit over it to be honest! I'm not hungry at all, I'm feeling great. Fresh, awake, alive. But it's getting a bit depressing not being able to eat.

I had another breakfast event today (see Bloom Organics range launch below) and it was horrible having to give up everything that was put under my nose.

However, it's not all bad news. The difference I've noticed between today and yesterday (that makes me think the five day program is more beneficial than the three day program) is that I've really come to appreciate fresh produce.

I do eat healthy meals generally, it's just the snacking I have an issue with. I'll eat a big salad with chicken for lunch and then go and buy two curly wurlys, a packet of chips and a coke for afternon tea. It's ridiculous.
And obviously we are all warned about what soft drinks do to your skin, but I can't help it.
Now being off them- and all the other junk- for 4 days I've noticed how much better my skin is, how much clearer my eyes are and how my energy levels are through the roof.

I must admit I have been planning my first meal for Saturday morning very carefully. This is because not only does it need to taste good and be satisfying, but it also can't be too heavy or be full of ingredients that will mean I revert back to my old ways automatically.

As much as I'd love to head down to maccas and get a quarter pounder with a Dominos BBQ meatlovers pizza chaser, it's just stupid and a waste of time, money and ultimately, my health.

I'm not saying I won't eat Maccas again. I know I'll drink alcohol again. Hell, I already have social engagements lined up for next week! But I really will try and change my ways.

So, so far I've decided something like corn fritters with tomato, avocado, some mushrooms and a good rye toast might be a nice start. (Yes, I was inspired by the breakfast this morning)

One more day to go and I'll be posting up my measurements, weight and other results tomorrow to see if there have been any changes in that department.

What would you have as your first meal after not eating for five days? And who else has booked in for the Urban Remedy cleanse? I read on twitter they're selling out quickly!


  1. Something light! A big fresh salad with lots to munch on.

    And a plate of gorgeous mixed fruit.

  2. I need some more substance than just lettuce or something, though.

    Really I just want meat and cheese, so I have to get that effect with vegies. hmmm

  3. I've ordered the one day cleanse. I'm not worried about the not eating part, I'm just not that big on liquids. So I'm trying one day first.

  4. I was a bit worried that drinking 6 x 400ml juices PLUS water and green tea would leave me feeling bloated as I often am after water alone.

    But strangely, I haven't felt it.

    Hopefully you go ok :)

  5. I am really interested! I think I could only last the 3 days though!

    I really admire your willpower. I really dont think I would have the strength to knock back all that yummy food at the events you have been to! Well done!

    Em x

  6. I'm definitely thinking about giving it a go. I find that working as a musician i'm often not home until late at night and so my last meal is usually not long before i sleep and it tends to be the least healthy meal of my day. So I need something to kickstart a healthier approach.
    More energy would be nice! I drink a reasonable amount of coffee so I wonder if coming off the caffeine would make the detox slightly less enjoyable for me than it has been for you. We'll see - I'm thinking of signing up to try it just after Easter.

  7. I agree with Em. You have done so so well to turn down all the lovely food & drinks at your social events this week. That Bloom brekky looked v. delicious!

  8. I wonder if you can do this every month or twice a month? the 5day one. I don't want to do it and then just be unhealthy again, just as you've talked about in this post. I'm a massive pig and eat heaps and continuously so like you've mentioned, i'm never really hungry. I think i'd have to do this type of program regularly to remind myself to feel empty.

  9. Ew, say no to lettuce. Have a yummy salad but with substance. Kale is awesome! Maybe some 4 bean mix thrown in. Red peppers, snow peas, red cabbage, etc.

    Really you could just have anything that won't be a complete shock to your system on the first day!

  10. I think it would be a bit of an overkill doing it every month.

    I mean, doing a 5 day course every 3-6 months would be fine, maybe doing a 1-3 day cleanse before an event or something would be the way to go?

    There are more details on frequency in my interview with founder, Emma Seibold and also on their website-

  11. 1-3 day before an event- good advice! thanks


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