Friday, March 26, 2010

Urban remedy day 5- The final day

Even though I probably should have held off until tomorrow morning for maximum results, I decided to weigh/measure myself this morning.

  • Bust- 92cm (36 inches)       Bust- (36 inches)               No change
  • Waist- 69cm (27 inches)     Waist- 66.5cm (26 inches)  Loss of 2.5cm
  • Hips- 90.5cm (35 inches)    Hips- 87cm (34 inches)       Loss of 3.5cm
  • Thighs- 59cm (25 inches)   Thighs- 56.5cm (22 inches)  Loss of 2.5cm
  • Weight- 67.3kg                 Weight- 64.3kg                  Loss of three kilos
  • BMI- 21.94                        BMI- 21.00                         Loss of .94
In case you didn't believe me...

Favourite juice- apple, lemon, cos lettuce, celery, silverbeet, parsley and cucumber
I loved this one as firstly, it's something  I would order on my own anyway if I were buying fresh juice. And secondly, it just feels clean and you can tell it's doing good for your system once you've drunk it. While it doesn't sound appealing the taste is neither fruity nor vegetable-y; it's just very neutral and seems to agree with my body.

Least favourite juice- Coconut milk, raw cashews, vanilla bean, agave nectar, cinnamon and water
Strangely, this was my favourite one on the first day. I think it was just a novelty as I was used to eating whatever I wanted, so that first day it was the closest thing to chocolate or something sugary tasting. But by the second night I found it really hard to swallow. I even ditched it on the fourth night.

What I've discovered
  • The most obvious conclusion I've come to is that I eat far too much, too often. I'm really going to try and listen to my body and eat only when I get hungry. Not when I look at the clock and realise it's lunchtime. Or morning tea. Or the time between morning tea and lunch....or the time between dinner and bedtime.
  • I'm definitely going to cut out beer. I've been thinking about my drinking habits and I've noticed in the past few months the times I feel absolutely wretched are after a day/night drinking beer. It's always been after going to the cricket or the footy or spending a night out with male friends. All the nights I've had out with female friends we usually drink cocktails and/or champagne. I've had no headache, no puffy eyes and no bloating the next day. Apparently I am allergic to yeast so duh- that might be a good indication. Not sure how I'm going to survive the footy season without beer. Bye bye Pure Blonde, my love.
  • Soft drink is a really obvious one for me. Straight away after drinking coke I feel awful and bloated, and for how glowy my skin is, and how bright my eyes are now it's not worth the taste I love for how gross it makes me feel. This will be tough, but I'll try.
  • Salt. I'm such a bandit for salt. To me, salt, garlic and butter are not ingredients; they're obsessions. A way of life. I cannot fathom a world without them. Of course butter isn't great in excess, but I guess I can avoid it for the most part- but salt is in everything. This one will be tough.
  • Processed food- aarggghhhhh seriously I love hotdogs sooo much. I know they're foul but I'm addicted. Footy season without beer and hotdogs? Next you'll tell me I'm not allowed to actually watch the games.
So I think that's it. They're my only, well my main bad eating habits. Like I said yesterday I'm not going to give up alcohol, it's unrealistic for me. But I think cutting out beer will help. I won't stop eating chocolate but I'll try just to have dark and less often than I'd normally have it.

Eventually I'll get back into eating red meat, but a friendly email reminder about how to come off the detox suggests holding back on red meat, pork and pork products and turkey for a while.
It is also suggested that the next week be seen as a somewhat semi-detox where you ease back into regular eating.

I think I should take this advice as it would be silly to waste all that effort.

So that means plenty of fruit and vegies, grains, beans, green tea and water and small amounts of chicken, eggs, dairy and soy.

Let's see if I can keep this up!
Thanks for following me on my journey, who is going to book the Urban Remedy cleanse next?


  1. its so important to listen to your body's hunger levels. most people dont even give themselves a chance with all the snacking they do.

    and you eat really well most of the time, which is good, so it shouldnt be too hard for you to cut down on the salty and sugary.

    i wish cocktails were as cheap as beer goddammit, then it would be an eaaassy swap over!

  2. congratulations lovely :)
    great to see your updates of the detox, great motivation booster for myself too!
    keep it up x

  3. Well done!!

    I'm jealous of that clean feeling you must have right now. Its been a while for me!

    Im thinking of embarking on the 3 day one soon.

    Do you think I could continue moderate walking and running throughout? Or did you find you didn't have energy for excercise?

  4. Thanks for the comments :D

    In terms of energy levels- I definitely had more energy. However, I didn't get the withdrawal symptoms alot of people get, so I never felt the lethargy that's predicted for day 2.

    I only did exericse on Monday and today (just because I was busy) but I definitely could have done it to my normal schedule.

    I'd say if you're already a walker/runner you should be able to keep up that regime.

  5. Excellent, thanks so much! I have a dog who wouldnt cope with no walks!

    I am going to order one. Im excited!

  6. I was going to try this with a few friends aswell however the customer service is a bit lacking. I can understand that UR are having huge influx but 3 days with still no reply to a question... meh I'll look elsewhere.

    So impressed with your results though.

  7. i did a UR cleanse a few weeks ago - i thought the customer service was awesome (thanks, emma!!). maybe your email disappeared somewhere. do try again - they will definitely sort you out

  8. I agree, they're really busy and I'm sure it just got lost or something. From the dealings I've had with Emma I don't think they'd just discard the email.

  9. Congrates on the weight loss! I have been more active now since I have started working! I used to be a couch potato! I still am but work forces me to walk around.

    Now I need to work on my diet! Bah!

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog so decided to stop and say what a lovely little webspace you have!




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